Every Raid boss coming to Pokemon GO in July 2022

A big celebration for the game's sixth anniversary (Image via Niantic)
A big celebration for the game's sixth anniversary (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO is constantly updating with new creatures, challenges, and events to keep its enormous player base interested. As the game celebrates its sixth anniversary this month, there will be plenty of fun surprises throughout its most iconic gameplay element.

Raids are a common and important part of most massively multiplayer games. Countless challengers can band together to take on a powerful foe in search of great rewards. The game constantly changes its available raid bosses, but sometimes a big event dominates the system. The sixth anniversary brings several new surprises to July's raids.

Raids coming to Pokemon GO in July

Zapados makes its shocking entrance!Test your skills by challenging Zapdos in five-star raids until July 14.See what other Pokémon are appearing in July:…

Pokemon GO loves to celebrate its birthday with the return of some big names to the game. This anniversary is no different, as its five-star raids reintroduce a few beloved old favorites to the game's lineup.

The big story for July comes in the game's Five-Star Raids, which will feature a new figure each week. This month features the three legendary birds of the franchise's first generation.

From July 1-7, the ice bird Articuno will be the Five-Star Raid boss. During that period, the electric beast Zapdos takes the role. From July 14-22, the Flame Pokemon Moltres will finish out the trio. These classic legendaries make their triumphant return for a limited time.

During the final week of July 22-31, Generation IV legendary Dialga will become the Five-Star Raid boss. After the three legendary birds, players can scoop up the Temporal Pokemon.

Mega Raids also feature some exciting returns and powerful Pokemon. From July 1-7, Mega Charizard X will be the boss, while it will be replaced by Mega Charizard Y from July 7-14. Both are extremely powerful and players should try to get them if they haven't.

From July 14-22, players can get Mega Pigeot in the Mega Raids. Finally, from July 22-31, Mega Gengar will be available.

Outside of those giant events, there are a few special appearances in the One and Three-Star Raids. Three-Star Raids feature Metagross, Tyranitar, Venasaur and Blastoise. This event also has the coveted Party Hat Charizard, which is only available during anniversary events.

One-Star Raids feature Dratini, Unknown E, and Pansear. These Raids also have an anniversary treat, in the form of Pikachu wearing a cake on his head.

Other special events in Pokemon GO this July

It was amazing to see so many Trainers adventuring together at #PokemonGOFest: Berlin!We hope you can join us at our other in-person #PokemonGOFest events and take part in the global finale on August 27,…

Pokemon GO players can participate in weekly Raid Hours to get the Five-Star Raid boss. These events take place every Wednesday of the month from 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM local time.

Players can take part in the game's special anniversary event from July 6-12. This gives them the chance to unlock rare and special cosmetics and gear.

Finally, the game is keeping at least one surprise under wraps. The official site lists an unknown event from July 27 to August 2 with no details. Pokemon GO fans have a ton of interesting events to look forward to.

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