What are Zapdos weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

The Legendary Pokemon, Zapdos (Image via Niantic)
The Legendary Pokemon, Zapdos (Image via Niantic)

A member of the Generation I Legendary bird trio, Zapdos is an impressive Pokemon available in Pokemon GO.

Players can look forward to gaining a truly powerful Electric-type Pokemon as the current ones available in the game aren't particularly remarkable. Zapdos is also a Flying-type, so that will need to be taken into consideration when determining the best way to counter it.

Currently, a Shadow Zapdos is the final Pokemon used by Team GO Rocket boss Giovanni. Upon defeating the villain's Zapdos, players gain an opportunity to catch it. Here are all of Zapdos' weaknesses and the best way to counter it in battle.

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Zapdos' weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Zapdos in the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Zapdos in the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The key to defeating the Legendary Zapdos is all about bringing Pokemon with the correct type-advantages to battle it. Being an Electric/Flying-type, Zapdos is especially vulnerable against Ice and Rock-type moves.

The Legendary is uniquely resistant to Ground-type attacks, so that approach to defeating most Electric Pokemon simply won't do players any good.

It is highly recommended not to use Water or Flying-types against Zapdos as the Pokemon is able to deliver effective damage to these type of Pocket Monsters. Ultimately there are only a few Pokemon that make for a good choice to rival this Legendary bird.

Golem, a Ground/Rock-type, is one such Pokemon that can be used effectively against Zapdos. Though the Legendary is resistant to Ground-type attacks, Golem having this as one of its types still allows it to take less damage from Zapdos' attacks.

Being a Rock-type also allows a player using Golem to deal effective attacks against the Legendary.

A few other great choices to use when fighting against Zapdos include:

Tyranitar - use this powerful Dark/Rock-type if it knows the move Stone Edge.

Mamoswine - using this Ice/Ground-type allows a player to take less damage and deal type-advantage attacks using the move Avalanche.

Rhyperior - another Ground/Rock-type that has well-rounded stats and a resistance to Zapdos' attacks.

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