Pokemon GO: Mega Gengar raid counters and weaknesses for July 2021

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Few Pokemon in Pokemon GO hit harder than Gengar in its mega-evolved form, as its maximum attack stat can reach a whopping total of 349, and this Pokemon makes that abundantly clear as a raid boss.


As of July 19, 2021, Mega Gengar has returned as the boss of Mega Raids in gyms throughout the game. Even though it hits like an absolute truck, Mega Gengar can still be beaten by taking advantage of its type weaknesses as well as using some of its top counters.

It takes both battle party and inter-player coordination, but beating Mega Gengar is doable, albeit difficult for some.

Pokemon GO: Top counters to defeat Mega Gengar

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

As a Ghost- and Poison-type Pokemon, Mega Gengar is weak to Dark-, Ghost-, Ground-, and Psychic-type moves. Given these type advantages, there are plenty of Pokemon who can use the needed moves to deal super effective damage to this fearsome raid boss.

Although there is a long list of Pokemon that could counter Mega Gengar, the Pokemon GO community has had some consensus on the top picks at dealing with it in gym raids. These Pokemon include:

  • Mega Gengar (be wary of super effective damage from certain attacks)
  • Mewtwo
  • Mega Gyarados
  • Chandelure
  • Giratina
  • Mega Houndoom
  • Metagross
  • Therian Landorus
  • Espeon
  • Darkrai
  • Yveltal
  • Excadrill
  • Landorus
  • Groudon
  • Gardevoir
  • Azelf
  • Latios
  • Exeggutor (using Psychic-type moves)
  • Garchomp
  • Gallade
  • Rhyperior
  • Hydreigon
  • Tyranitar
  • Jirachi
  • Golurk
  • Krookodile
  • Attack Forme Deoxys
  • Alakazam
  • Latias
  • Victini
  • Mew
  • Celebi
  • Galarian Rapidash

When it comes to moves, these deal great damage to Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO:

Fast moves

  • Shadow Claw (Ghost-type)
  • Confusion (Psychic-type)
  • Bite (Dark-type)
  • Hex (Ghost-type)
  • Snarl (Dark-type)
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type)
  • Extrasensory (Psychic-type)
  • Mud-Slap (Ground-type)
  • Mud Shot (Ground-type)
  • Psycho Cut (Psychic-type)

Charge moves

  • Shadow Ball (Ghost-type)
  • Psystrike (Psychic-type)
  • Crunch (Dark-type)
  • Foul Play (Dark-type)
  • Psychic (Psychic-type)
  • Earthquake (Ground-type)
  • Earth Power (Ground-type)
  • Future Sight (Psychic-type)
  • Dark Pulse (Dark-type)

Even with effective counters, it will take a large squad of Pokemon GO trainers working in unison to beat Mega Gengar. Since it can easily wipe out unprepared battle parties, it never hurts for trainers to bring a stockpile of things such as Potions and Revives.

The battle against Mega Gengar as a raid boss is a tough one, but it can be incredibly rewarding, as getting Mega Gengar's Energy for your own Mega Evolution is well worth the investment in Pokemon GO.

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