How to complete the Strange Rings Special Research in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 has included a Special Research questline for trainers that is centered around the mischievous Mythical Pokemon, Hoopa, and its antics throughout the game world.


Although Hoopa is not yet catchable, its presence in Pokemon GO has trainers intrigued and expectant for when that might change. Regardless, undergoing the Strange Rings research tasks is still worth the time invested, as the rewards are substantial. This is especially true with regards to the rewards given for completing the two-step questline. Fortunately for trainers, the tasks needed to complete the research aren't challenging, but they will require a significant investment of time.

Pokemon GO: Strange Rings Special Research tasks and steps

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO trainers interested in the space-bending Djinn Pokemon should first contact Professor Willow via their research tab. After a quick chat, the professor asks the trainer for assistance in investigating several rings in the environment which Legendary Pokemon have been emerging from. This may explain how all of the Legendary Pokemon have appeared as raid bosses in Pokemon GO Fest during Raid Day.

The questline is broken down into two steps with three tasks each, which is fairly standard for research questlines. Their requirements and rewards are as follows:

Step one

  • Transfer 20 Pokemon: Five Max Potions
  • Take two snapshots: Three Razz Berries
  • Battle in three raids: Three Max Revives
  • Completion of all three tasks in this step will also reward Pokemon GO trainers with 5,000 XP, a Lucky Egg and 2,000 Stardust.

Step two

  • Win five raids: Five Max Revives
  • Make five great throws: Three Silver Pinap Berries
  • Catch 20 different Pokemon species: Three Max Revives
  • Completion of the tasks in this step will reward players with 10,000 XP, three additional Silver Pinap Berries, and 3,000 Stardust

Based on the breakdown, most of the research tasks given can be completed just through ordinary play during the GO Fest event. The most time-consuming endeavors appear to be winning multiple raids and catching 20 different Pokemon species. Fortunately, GO Fest has made both of these tasks significantly easier as several species are currently spawning during the event. Not only this, but Raid Passes are more readily available to Pokemon GO trainers as part of GO Fest's Raid Day.

With Pokemon GO Fest 2021 almost coming to an end, players should seize on the opportunity to complete their research and use the benefits of the event to help them reach that goal.

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