Pokemon GO: Dark-type weaknesses and best counters

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Dark-type Pokemon can become serious problems if trainers don’t have a plan to deal with them in Pokemon GO.

The Dark typing was invented in Generation II as a way to deal with the overpowered Psychic types from Generation I. It has since become one of the better types, hitting most other Pokemon for at least neutral damage and only being resisted by few other types. Each meta in Pokemon GO PvP also has their share of strong Dark-types, whether it’s Yveltal in Master League or Umbreon in Great League. Trainers are going to have to keep these counters in mind if they don’t want to get simply washed by these powerful Dark-type Pokemon.

Which Pokemon are best at countering Dark-types?


The strongest counters to the Dark typing is Fairy-type Pokemon. This is mostly because Fairy-types typically have really strong Attack stats and/or moves. Examples of Pokemon like this would be Mega Gardevoir and Xerneas.

Fairy-types also get access to Charm, a contender for best quick attack in the game. There is a reason why Pokemon GO PvP players often complain about teams being “Charm weak.” This move does 20 base damage every time it’s used, which means it can wear down Pokemon even without the use of charge moves.

Another great counter to Dark-type Pokemon are Fighting-types. In general, the majority of Fighting Pokemon boast incredibly large Attack stats (Machamp, Lucario, Conkeldurr).

Fighting-types also get access to hard-hitting moves. Any Pokemon that can use Dynamic Punch, for example, is lucky since it’s one of the strongest moves that require 50 energy. When charging the full bar, Fighting-types can also drop large Close Combats and Focus Blasts for considerable damage.

If neither Fairy nor Fighting Pokemon are available, Bug-types are a good last minute resource to deal with Dark-types. Bug Pokemon are rarely on top of the meta, but some of them are still very powerful.

Volcarona is always a fantastic option. With a 268 Attack stat, Bug Buzz is guaranteed to hurt. Pinsir is also relatively strong and can charge up quick X Scissors. Scizor is another great Bug-type to add to any team, since it’s type combo of Bug and Steel that is very difficult to break through.

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