Everything to know about the League of Legends' "Selfmade is the reason" drama

Selfmade is the center of controversy yet again in the League of Legends community (Image via Riot Games)
Selfmade is the center of controversy yet again in the League of Legends community (Image via Riot Games)

Fnatic have already made some significant changes to their roster ahead of the 2021 LEC Summer Split, but the European League of Legends heavyweights never seem to be able to escape controversy.

Fnatic recently made an official announcement about the departure of jungler Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek and that veteran top-laner Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau will be moving into the jungle to fill the void.

The organization has also welcomed their new French rookie top laner Adam "Adam" Maanane to take Bwipo's place. FNC's League of Legends Team Director Javier "dardo" Zafra stated:

"As we look to the future of Fnatic League of Legends and the arrival of Adam, we're happy to have found a solution to keep Bwipo's experience and chemistry with the team. The coaching staff made the decision that made the most sense for everyone for this upcoming split, and we look forward to seeing where it takes us in the summer."

But the whole situation with Fnatic's roster rebuilding drama has not been as simple as it looked. It took a complete U-turn after popular League of Legends journalist LEC_Wooloo revealed a few statements by Selfmade and a "Fnatic insider". The revelations were bound to change the whole perspective of the scenario.

Is Selfmade really the reason behind all sorts of controversies in Fnatic's League of Legends team?

Image via Riot Games - League of Legends Worlds 2020
Image via Riot Games - League of Legends Worlds 2020

LEC_Wooloo recently tweeted a screenshot from Selfmade's discord chat, where FNC's ex-jungler stated that neither did he want to leave, nor did Bwipo wish to change his role in the team. Fnatic's management had forced the change. Selfmade stated:

"The reality is we wanted to continue with the same roster with Bwipo but FNC took Adam and told him to jungle or leave."

According to Selfmade, fans misunderstood the complete scenario and started thinking about him encouraging toxicity in the team which was untrue.

However, LEC_Wooloo came up with another tweet yesterday, sharing a different point of view of the situation, from a "reliable person," who decided to stay anonymous. According to that Fnatic Insider, none, including team management, forced Bwipo to take up jungling. Rather, it was a mutual decision from the entire squad, inclusive of Bwipo, to balance the roster with Adam coming in.

The anonymous source also mentioned that Selfmade was forced to leave Fnatic simply because he ran out of options, as other players did not want to play with him anymore. He was always rude to his teammates and could never build a good relationship with players like Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer, Elias "Upset" Lipp, and Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev.

Even in this situation of turmoil, Selfmade was busy blaming others that were not well received by his FNC teammates. And thus, he is now "paying the bills for what he did."

Bwipo also took the issue to Twitter, stating not to spread rumors without enough knowledge of the actual scenario, without mentioning anyone directly. But League of Legends fans are pretty sure that the tweet was meant for none but Selfmade.

"Selfmade is the reason": Twitter trend

Even though the origin of the whole new trend was a serious issue of Fnatic's internal turmoil, the League of Legends community was quick enough to extract the fun out of it.

As soon as LEC_Wooloo tweeted about Selfmade revealing a quote from an anonymous Fnatic insider, it somehow got framed as a theoretical proof of Selfmade being the reason behind all the ongoing issues in Fnatic. The statement was soon turned into a meme and is now viral on social media, especially among the League of Legends community.

The funniest part of the entire incident is that, after a whole day of serious Twitter battles, Selfmade was sporting enough to take part in the "Selfmade is the reason" trend.

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