Evil Dead: The Game could eventually come to Xbox Game Pass

Players are hopeful they will see Evil Dead: The Game on the Xbox Game Pass (Image via Saber Interactive)
Players are hopeful they will see Evil Dead: The Game on the Xbox Game Pass (Image via Saber Interactive)

Evil Dead: The Game lets fans of the Evil Dead series experience the horror in this asymmetrical horror game. In the title, there are two teams. One is a team of four Survivors, and they need to face off against a Kandarian Demon along with tons of Deadites.

During the games, Survivors will need to locate the map pieces, find the Lost Pages and Kandarian Dagger, defeat the Dark Ones, and defend the Necronomicon. Demons just need to stop them by any means necessary.

With the very fate of humans (or demons, depending on who the player is playing as) hanging in the balance, everything is hinging on everything going right. It's exciting and certainly worth playing.

However, with the game just recently releasing on Friday the 13th, many users have asked if this title would make it to the Xbox Game Pass.

Players could potentially see Evil Dead: The Game on the Xbox Game Pass in the future


Xbox Game Pass is an excellent way for gamers to experience lots of different games for a very reasonable monthly price. However, there is no indication that Evil Dead: The Game will make its way onto the Xbox Game Pass any time soon.

It is indeed a possibility, but it has not been officially confirmed that the game will or will not be available for Xbox gamers.

Evil Dead: The Game is currently available on multiple consoles

If players want access to the game, they will need to purchase it outright. It is available on the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Because of the wide variety of systems the title is available on, users should pick which one works for them, as there is crossplay available, so they will be able to play with their friends on any system.

Crossplay will allow gamers to work together on any system


Since crossplay allows players to play together on any system, they can team up as their group of four Survivors via crossplay. Also, if it suits them, users can even take over as the Kandarian Demon and try to stop their friends from saving the world.

They just need to go into the options menu, go to game settings, and enable the checkmark next to the crossplay box.

Once crossplay has been enabled, gamers can go back to the main menu. In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, they will see a "Crossplay Enabled" message. They are now ready to go and play with their friends no matter what system they play on.

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