Evil Dead: The Game guide: How to beat the Demi-Eligos

The Demi-Eligos can do substantial damage with every attack (Image via - Evil Dead: The Game Twitter/ @EvilDeadTheGame)
The Demi-Eligos can do substantial damage with every attack (Image via - Evil Dead: The Game Twitter/ @EvilDeadTheGame)

The best part of Evil Dead: The Game is its excellent combination of shooting and horror. Evil Dead: The Game is officially available and best experienced with a group of pals while battling evil spirits.

Evil Dead: The Game is a wonderful surprise for fans of the franchise as the developer has left no stone unturned in delivering a true taste of Sam Raimi’s classical hit.

The title has a variety of powerful demons, and each demon has a unique ability which makes the gameplay more difficult. One especially strong elite enemy is the Demi-Eligos. This sort of creature has the capacity to do substantial damage with every attack.

How to beat the Demi-Eligos in Evil Dead: The Game


Demi-Eligos is a hard-to-kill opponent skilled with enormous damage and a diverse variety of skills that impact elite troops at all distances. Anyone with enough infernal regeneration will be able to create numerous elites on the field. Follow these simple steps to kill Demi-Eligos:

Use axe

It is important to keep in mind that in order to combat these creatures, players will need an axe. It's also a good idea to preserve ammo and play it cautiously. Since these creatures are invincible to ranged weapons, it is preferable to knock them down with melee weapons.

Dodge the lasers

Players must leave their location as soon as Demi-Eligos creates Thunderstruck, which is a laser that shoots around the survivors. This generally occurs while battling with this creature in Evil Dead: The Game, and players must dodge it to prevent injury.

Kill the doppleganger first

There is also another strike called Duplicity, which players must avoid. Players need to eliminate the clone before returning with the monster since they normally have little health but have the ability to deal a huge amount of damage, which can be deadly.


Demi-Eligos originated from the Ash vs. Evil Dead television series and is a powerful opponent capable of inflicting mayhem on a whole team of Survivors. It is a member of the Puppeteer Demon legion. In the Kill 'Em All mission, players must fight one of the Demi-Eligos, which might be their first true obstacle.

Mission 3 of the Evil Dead game, Kill 'Em All, is a challenging task in which Army of Darkness Ash must defeat three major types of opponents with nothing more than a lever-action rifle and anything else he finds. The Demi-Eligos and Eligos demons are a terror, and with the countdown winding away, players will have to perform at their very greatest to survive.

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