Fact Check: Will Redfall be an open world game?

Redfall is an open world FPS (Image via Bethesda)
Redfall is an open world FPS (Image via Bethesda)

Redfall is Arkane’s upcoming first-person shooter game. The title was struck with some delays, but fans can now rejoice as it has a release date of May 2, 2023. Little was known about the game apart from the fact that it will be a co-op shooter in the Left For Dead series veins.

Fans were left speculating whether Redfall would be an open-world game or feature a hub-based design. The recent gameplay deep dive during the Develop Direct livestream confirms that the game will be open-world. The town of Redfall comprises several locations and is one seamless open world for the first time in any Arkane game.

Redfall will be an open world vampire shooter


Redfall will feature many locations worldwide, ranging from abandoned factories and shipyards to detailed landmarks like a lighthouse. The deep dive video also touches upon the safe areas scattered around the town. This is where players can interact with survivors of the vampire outbreak and stock up on supplies, ammo, and more.

Like fire stations, safe spots in the town also act as a hub area for partaking in side missions. Bulletin boards and even other survivors give players tasks and side quests. Apart from these locations, there are random encounters one can stumble onto while exploring.

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Some locations are under the control of vampires and cultists. Players can even confront them to free the survivors. There are many ways to approach combat as well. One can use silenced weapons in case one wishes to stick to stealth. Add to that the four characters in the game that offer their unique expertise in such scenarios.

Players can use Remi De La Rosa and her robot companion, Bribon, to distract some vampires and take them out with silenced weapons. Alternatively, fans can blast their way with friends and mow down the vampires with Devinder Crousley’s unique and quirky weapons.

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Redfall also has certain secret areas to explore. The map has access points that can teleport players to another dimension that acts as vampire nests. The interiors of this dimension keep changing, and every encounter feels different. These psychic spaces can vary gameplay and give players more incentives to explore the open world.

That's not all, as the town of Redfall is under vampire control. The map is divided into several regions that need to be seized from a powerful vampire faction called "The Siphon." They are higher vampires and much more challenging to fight. Defeating them liberates that particular part of town.

Did you know that you can fit the entirety of Prey's Talos I space station into a single mission in a single district in Redfall?

The four playable characters in the game are Jacob Foyer, Layla Ellison, Remi De La Rosa, and Devinder Crousley. Each has a skill tree with many unique abilities that will give every player a role to play in the myriad battles in the game. This adds an interesting aspect of coordinated play to Redfall.

All these details line up with comments from the Creative Director of the game, Ricardo Bare. He mentioned in an interview that Redfall is Arkane’s take on Far Cry. Fans who think of it as a Left For Dead clone can rest easy, as the game has a narrative to complement its open world.

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The title is Arkane’s first foray into open-world games. They have been at the top of their game by crafting unique and exciting worlds like Prey, Dishonored, and Deathloop. The game appears to stand out as a buddy shooter and can also be played solo.

Redfall's fixed release date has excited fans about what's in store. The cherry on top is that the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. The title is a major release from Xbox and Bethesda’s partnership. This game will thus be under the microscope of scrutiny by Bethesda fans and gamers alike.

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