FaZe Jarvis tries to stream Fortnite despite his permanent ban for a third-time, gets caught in 16 minutes 

 (Image via FaZe Jarvis)
(Image via FaZe Jarvis)
Dipanjan Dey

Jarvis Khatri, better known as FaZe Jarvis, was permanently banned from Fortnite almost two years ago. Epic was not done with FaZe Jarvis, as he was recently banned from Fortnite for a third time.

Jake Lucky from ESports Talk revealed the in-depth story behind this and opened the discussion for fans to comment on.

Ever since his initial ban, FaZe Jarvis has tried to stream Fortnite on Twitch multiple times. This is despite being banned time and time again by Epic Games.

FaZe Jarvis tries new ways to fool Epic every time, but it seems like Epic is always two steps ahead of him. Jake Lucky highlighted every attempt the streamer had made to troll or prank Epic by playing Fortnite from different accounts.

FaZe Jarvis banned for the third time from Fortnite


FaZe Jarvis, along with the help of fellow members of Face Clan, tried to stream Fortnite on Twitch without being seen on camera. The effort was in vain, but the incident went viral at the time.

Despite his failed efforts, FaZe Jarvis has not stopped trying to play Fortnite while streaming.


It is an understandable sentiment coming from an ex-professional player who wants to play the game. However, FaZe Jarvis might not get to stream Fortnite live for the rest of 2021 after his recent stunt.


In his recent attempt at a YouTube live stream, Jarvis hid his face-cam on and openly asked Epic to ban him if they could prove that he was the one playing.


Jake Lucky highlighted that the stream lasted only 16 minutes as Epic was quick to ban FaZe Jarvis once again. Despite all the precautions, Epic Games realized that they were being played by FaZe Jarvis.

Jake Lucky mentioned that if a banned player is going to subtly taunt Epic Games, this will likely be the consequence.

Trying to troll or trick Epic Games into playing Fortnite again will count as a punishable offense.

The drama never ceases to end in the Fortnite community, especially with pro players. While Epic is doing its best to improve community relations, incidents like these will always pop up randomly.

According to Jake Lucky, FaZe Jarvis's return to Fortnite would have been easier if he had not trolled or tricked Epic so many times. It is quite difficult for FaZe CEO to mediate with Epic Games on behalf of FaZe Jarvis since he keeps making these troll/prank videos.


Other popular figures from the Fortnite community like thatdenverguy, The Fortnite Guy, and Vyper commented on this incident in their recent videos.


This marks the third time Epic has banned FaZe Jarvis from the game.

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