Feud continues as HasanAbi places xQc in the “Utterly destroy” category on his fighting tier list

Feud continues as HasanAbi places xQc in the “Utterly destroy” category (Image via- Sportskeeda)
Feud continues as HasanAbi places xQc in the “Utterly destroy” category (Image via- Sportskeeda)

Earlier this week, Twitch Gaming megastar Felix "xQc" created a buzz in the streaming space with his tier list. However, thanks to its infamous ranking, xQc and left-wing political commentator HasanAbi have been engaged in a war of words.

Ever since the Canadian streamer put Hasan in the 'B' tier (third tier) due to his lack of versatility compared to other creators, the two personalities have been publicly taking digs at each other. Be it on Twitter or their livestream, both creators left no stone unturned to comment on each other's skills in general.

Most recently, however, Hasan created his own version of the tier list containing popular personalities he would either beat or fall to in a boxing match. During the stream, he claimed he would "utterly destroy" xQc and even joked about it a bit.

Suffice to say, there is a lot of context to explore before delving into Hasan's list. Let's see what ignited this beef.

HasanAbi thinks he can "utterly destroy" xQc in a boxing match following tier list snub


During his June 17, 2022, broadcast, the Canadian streamer decided to rank his 50 fellow creators on a tier list based on their content quality. As one can guess already, things didn't go down well for him.

While at it, the Canada-born streamer placed popular Twitch powerhouse Hasan Piker in "B" tier and while doing so, he clarified that it was due to his lack of versatility as compared to other streamers on that very list.

As one can imagine, the Turkish streamer was not at all pleased with his position on the list and went on to call out xQc for his gambling streams on the Amazon-owned platform. However, just as things started getting back on track, Hasan created his own tier list with some twist to it.

Instead of ranking streamers on the basis of their content, the political commentator went on to list the candidates based on whether he could beat them in a boxing ring.

When it came to ranking the Twitch megastar on the list, HasanAbi placed him in the "would utterly destroy them” tier alongside Asmongold, Shroud, Courage, Ninja, Amouranth and more.

After placing xQc in the worst tier, the Twitch streamer sarcastically highlighted that he takes the tier list snub very seriously, and that's precisely why he was quite upset about his position:

"I take tier lists very seriously. Obviously, that’s definitely why I’m very upset. Everyone was very correct on that assessment.”

Hasan sarcastically ended his segment by saying:

"Now xQc can do a ‘f**k this guy what a hypocrite he did a tier list after complaining about a tier list’ thing.”

Clearly, the beef between the two prominent streamers is far from getting over. Suffice to say, both personalities have massive fan followings on their social media handles, so it's no surprise that their clash drew in a lot of onlookers.