“It's kinda lame”- Feud continues as xQc hits back at HasanAbi after placing him in the ‘B’ tier

The feud continues as xQc hits back at HasanAbi after placing him in the ‘B’ tier (Image via- Sportskeeda, xQc/Twitter)
The feud continues as xQc hits back at HasanAbi after placing him in the ‘B’ tier (Image via- Sportskeeda, xQc/Twitter)

Earlier this week, Twitch Gaming powerhouse xQc created a buzz in the streaming space with his infamous tier list ranking. On this list, he particularly ranked some of the high-profile names in the content creation industry based on their content quality. However, more interestingly, HasanAbi, one of the most popular names in the streaming space, only made the cut for the 'B' tier.

As one can already guess, this didn't go down well with Felix's fellow streamers, especially Twitch star and left-wing political commentator Hasan Abi. Taking a direct hit at Hasan for his previous statement, the Twitch sensation noted:

"Making such a far-fetched conclusion about somebody’s friend groups, who they hang out with and why they hang out with them, I think it’s kinda lame."

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the entire matter.

xQc tier list controversy with HasanAbi: Everything you need to know


On June 14, 2022 Twitch star xQc created a tier system for streamers to rank them in a range of 'S' to 'D'. On that very list, the Canadian streamer placed HasanAbi in tier ’B'.

While doing so, the streamer even clarified that he liked Hasan's content a lot, just that he is not as versatile as others on the list. Making his point clear, xQc added:

"He doesn’t play a lot of games, so it cuts his versatility a little bit."

As one can imagine, Hasan was not at all pleased with his ranking. Taking to his alternate Twitter account, the political commentator took a huge dig at xQc and later on made his account private. As per the streamer himself, the low ranking is much more personal than it might sound to the majority of viewers out there:

"xQc probably ranked me a B list streamer because I won’t f**k have him on when a trending political thing is happening where he has to act like he cares to farm the last ounce of the Twitch directory before he goes back to promoting crypto gambling to teens for multiple millions.”

Even after making his back-up account private, Hasan went on his discord to rant more about the situation and, more specifically, xQc. As many might have noticed, Hasan has been targeting the Canadian streamer's crypto gambling side.

For those who don't know, the former Overwatch pro has been under hot water for his gambling sponsorship and streams on Twitch.

Many fellow content creators and fans, including Pokimane, Asmongold, and HasanAbi, have voiced their disapproval of gambling streams on the Amazon-owned platform.

That is why Hasan believed that his low rankings were due to personal reasons rather than him having less "versatility" than other creators.

But that's not all, as when things started looking a bit normal, xQc took a hit back at Hasan, sparking the inevitable feud once again. Obviously, given the outspoken nature of Felix, the streamer wasn't just going to sit around and take all the heat.

During his livestream, the Twitch streamer directly addressed Hasan's comments by saying:

"Devalidating someone’s entire social group, based on what they have or whatever, is the reason people create boundaries, and end up having a twisted mindset about social groups. I think that’s lame as f**k, I’m just going to say it."

Clearly, the feud has taken an ugly turn as there is a visible rift between the two mega Twitch stars. Both the streams have massive followings on their social media handles, so their clash draws a lot of onlookers.

While there is no say on how long this drama will last, it's certainly not over yet.