“They could just tank it; I don’t give a f**k” - xQc quits Elden Ring 2v2 Twitch Rivals after getting cheese killed 

A controversial moment arises during Elden Ring Twitch Rivals featuring xQc (Image via Sportskeeda)
A controversial moment arises during Elden Ring Twitch Rivals featuring xQc (Image via Sportskeeda)
Aarnesh Shrivastava

Twitch star Felix "xQc" participated in the latest iteration of Twitch Rivals featuring From Software's highly acclaimed title Elden Ring.

The Twitch Rivals 2 vs. 2 Elden Ring challenge commenced on June 2, and the French-Canadian sensation teamed up with Swedish streamer Mendo.

Behold, Tarnished!Meet some of the teams battling in Twitch Rivals: @ELDENRING 2v2 Challenge ft Mendo ⚔️Tomorrow at 2pm PT at /twitchrivals@Mendo & @xQc@DisguisedToast & @BoxBox@LIRIK & @Lobosjrgaming@maximum & @OroboroTV

Things were going pretty smoothly until the point when Felix was matched up against a player and got killed in an unconventional way. His defeat was a controversial moment during the tournament, and soon after, he ended up closing the game on stream.

As he watched a replay of the clip of him getting killed by a Twitch Rivals participant, xQc stated the following:

"I'm done, dude. Just get me the f**k out of it. It's fine, they could just tank it; I don't give a f**k."

xQc gets killed in an unconventional way during Twitch Rivals 2 vs. 2 Elden Ring Challenge and quits

The former Overwatch pro was invited to participate in Twitch Rivals on June 2. At the four-hour mark of his broadcast, xQc went head-to-head against a VTuber known as girl_dm_.

During the duel, Felix used an in-game item called Flask of Wondrous Physick, which boosted his defenses significantly. The VTuber called out his actions and asked for a fair match.

The event organizers let girl_dm_ get one free hit on the Twitch streamer, however, she charged up her attack and attacked him twice in a row. A series of attacks killed the 26-year-old gamer.

Felix was not happy with this and said:

"Okay, that's... that's one heavy hit and another normal hit. That's, that's one heavy and one small. I thought it was one hit and not like a full kill. I don't know if we are in the rules..."

girl_dm_ tried to defend herself, but xQc was not having any of it. He continued to argue with her:

"Okay now, well, see. Since I used... since... the way I see it, since I used the wrong item and I was punished, and you did something that you should be punished for, then we go back and I get a free hit as well. Right?"

Felix stated that he was withdrawing from the event ten minutes after the controversial match took place. Some fans began sending him messages from Twitch Rivals channel moderators saying:

"My streamer broke rules but still lost. Give him a rematch. 'Chat, [cut out word] so silly.'"

The Twitch star's response to this comment by Kvetchingkrist (Twitch Rivals channel moderator) was:

"How did I lose? We didn't even conclude the match. That's so ironic. She broke the rules too but only I am punished! What the f**k even is?"

He closed Elden Ring on the stream and began playing Minecraft.

Fans react to the controversial Twitch Rivals incident

As expected, multiple reaction threads were present on r/LivestreamFail focusing on xQc's controversial moments during Twitch Rivals. Fans were disheartened to see the way things ended.

Some fans stated that the streamer and his partner lost the tournament and did not quit.

Fans began stating that the streamer would perform better if Twitch Rivals began hosting gambling-related tournaments.

xQc is currently one of the biggest content creators on the platform as he is the second-most subscribed (95,821) streamer on Twitch. He began streaming on the purple platform back in 2016 and has more than 10 million followers.

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