Watch: Twitch streamer DSKoopa stops a shoplifter from stealing valuable items

Twitch streamer DSKoopa stops a shoplifter live on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamer DSKoopa stops a shoplifter live on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer and Pink Gorilla Games owner Cody "DSKoopa" came face-to-face with a shoplifter trying to steal a bunch of gaming consoles from his store during a recent livestream.

DSKoopa was interacting with the customer and was setting up some things at the main counter of the shop. A few moments later, he noticed that someone was attempting to do something in his shop.

The streamer realized that a shoplifter was trying his best to grab some gaming consoles by breaking the glass showcase, and this led to the streamer confronting the shoplifter live on stream.

Twitch streamer DSKoopa notices a man stealing consoles from his shop and stops him

DSKoopa is a well-known IRL and Just Chatting streamer who streams himself managing his gaming store called Pink Gorilla Games.

Things were going normally and smoothly until the two-hour mark when the Twitch content creator noticed a shoplifter was attempting to rob his store.

As DSKoopa was interacting with a customer and setting up an Xbox Series S for another customer, the 32-year-old streamer noticed that an individual was trying to grab several game consoles by breaking the glass showcase.

Looking at this, he instinctively ran towards the shoplifter and tackled him. The customers at Pink Gorilla Games were shocked, and some of them were worried about the streamer.

Timestamp: 02:44:58

After a few moments of his absence, DSKoopa was successful in retreiving the lost goods and came back to the shop. A customer was amazed to see the Twitch streamer get back all the stolen items and asked him a question regarding the shoplifter. The streamer's response was:

"Well, he tried!"

The robber tried to steal a Nintendo Switch and its dock, a special edition Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360, and a special edition Gears of War Xbox One. After he put the gaming consoles on the main desk of the shop, DSKoopa went to do an inventory check just to see if nothing else was stolen.

He scouted the entire shop, did a full check, and began serving the customers at the shop. As he was giving the customer his Xbox Series S, DSKoopa stated:

"Oof, I got my heart racing."

The Seattle native continued his livestream after the intense moment.

Fans react to the Twitch streamer getting robbed on stream

The streamer's clip was a featured post on r/LivestreamFail, and fans were amazed to see how DSKoopa managed to fend off the shoplifter.

Redditors wanted to know what kind of valuable items the shoplifter tried to steal.

DSKoopa owns a chain of retro gaming stores known as the Pink Gorilla Games in Seattle, Washington. He began streaming on Twitch back in 2018 and has racked up more than 4,000 hours of streaming in the Just Chatting category. He currently has 76,410 followers and averages 1k viewers per stream.

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