“Are you pregnant?” - Mizkif left shocked after getting on a call with Alinity

Mizkif reads out Alinity's messages in his Twitch chat and calls her on livestream (Images via Mizkif and Alinity/Twitch)
Mizkif reads out Alinity's messages in his Twitch chat and calls her on livestream (Images via Mizkif and Alinity/Twitch)

Twitch star Matthew "Mizkif" was in for a surprise after he got on a voice call with famous Twitch streamer Alinity.

The OTK founder was browsing r/LivestreamFail during the initial moments of his stream and came across a top post featuring content creator Alisha12287 returning to stream after 18 days to announce that she had given birth to a child.

Following this, Alinity began posting messages on the Twitch streamer's chat and one of the messages that she sent was:

"I am going to make content out of DNA tests."

A series of interesting messages by Alinity made Mizkif call her on stream and as soon as she picked up the call, he questioned her by asking:

"Are you pregnant?"

Alinty claims she is having a baby for content while on a call with Mizkif

One True King's (OTK) co-founding member Mizkif had been streaming for half an hour and was focused on reacting to the trending videos, clips, and topics on the internet during the initial hours of his broadcast.

After watching a clip featuring Alisha12287 and reading out Alinity's comments on the same, the Twitch streamer grabbed the opportunity to get on a call with the latter to find out what she was up to.

After Alinity picked up the call, he warned her that he was livestreaming and inquired if she was pregnant. She confirmed that she was expecting a baby and wanted to know why the Austin, Texas native was so interested in learning about this. Mizkif replied:

"What do you mean yeah, why? I can't ask you if you're pregnant? Like, sorry, am I intruding on you, like I asked?"

Alinity then mentioned that she was looking forward to making streaming content using her pregnancy and stated:

"Listen, I think that I am able to make really good content from it so I was like, you know what? Let's do it!"

Timestamp: 00:32:43

The 27-year-old gamer was taken aback and he was unable to find the right words to express his emotions for the first few seconds. He soon responded:

"You're my favorite person ever, man! Oh my god, that's so good! I was just going through the content trail, I was thinking of gambling but this... this is what I can deal with."

As both the content creators conversed on the subject, Alinity stated that she was joking about using the baby as a streaming content, however she did confirm that she was pregnant.

Miz was shocked to see how casually Alinity talked about her pregnancy and broke the news using his Twitch chat.

Fans react to Alinity breaking the news of her pregnancy

There were more than 90 fans who reacted to Alinity talking about her pregnancy and joking about using the baby for streaming content. Some fans concurred that she was joking about the latter part.

Some Redditors were not delighted and mentioned that the streamer-oriented subreddit has gone downhill.

Some Redditors questioned the OTK member's content.

Mizkif co-founded OTK in 2020 and is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. He currently has more than 2 million followers and garners an average viewership of 31k fans per stream.