5 Twitch streamers who got robbed during livestream

Twitch streamers who got robbed during livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamers who got robbed during livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamers and content creators often put their lives at risk while streaming their content to thousands of viewers. There have been instances where Twitch streamers have found themselves in scary situations involving stream snipers or some kind of a stalker.

However, another type of harrowing scenario involves Twitch streamers getting robbed live on stream. In this list, we will look at five different Twitch streamers who got robbed during their livestream.

Note: Reader discretion is advised as the following content may contain acts of violence.

Twitch streamers like justketh, NilsLegend, and MSBANDIT got robbed while streaming live

5) NilsLegend

Swedish Twitch streamer NilsLegend became the victim of a robbery earlier this year while streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As he was getting ready to play a round in the tactical first-person shooter, NilsLegend heard a loud banging noise on his door. Initially, he did not respond, but the banging continued to get louder.

The Twitch streamer's reaction was to get up and check who was at his door at 1 am at night. Almost immediately, he returned to his streaming PC and was visibly scared. Thanks to some Redditors on r/LivestreamFail, a translation of the Twitch streamer's call for help can be understood:

"Ugh, they're knocking. The neighbors are knocking the... wait I need to open. What are you doing?"
"What? What are you doing? Can someone call the cops? Call the cops, you know where I live."

It was revealed that NilsLegend was being robbed on stream and asked his channel moderators who knew him in real life to contact the police to get him some help.

4) justketh

justketh is an IRL Twitch streamer based in Bangkok. During a livestream earlier this year, justketh was returning from her relative's birthday party and was walking back to her place.

As she conversed with her fans and gave out the details of her eventful day, a biker came from behind and ambushed the female streamer. It was evident that the man on the bike was after her backpack.

The Twitch streamer paused her stream for a while to verify if nothing was stolen. Fortunately, she did not place anything valuable in her backpack and stated that it was empty.

3) Msbandiit


Sterna “Msbandiit” is a South African Twitch streamer and gamer who got robbed live on stream back in 2021.

While she was busy playing Call of Duty: Warzone, three intruders broke into her house and forced the streamer and her husband to lie down on the floor. After cooperating with the robbers, the trio then proceeded to tie up the streamer and her partner using a shoelace.

It was later revealed that police officials had been notified about the incident and were conducting an investigation into the three suspected robbers.

2) Mr_13ig


Twitch streamer Mr_13ig aka 'Mr. Big' found himself in a peculiar situation when a police officer knocked on his door because of a noise complaint registered against him.

After the Twitch streamer made it clear that he had done nothing wrong, the police officer escorted the content creator out of his house in order to arrest him. A few minutes later, a neighbor took the opportunity to ransack the open house.

The robbing neighbor took two pairs of shoes, including a pair of expensive Nike Air Jordans and a pair of headphones. The Twitch streamer's moderators called the police to report the robbery. The robber was arrested and charged with a felony.

1) Sajdene


The robbery incident involving Twitch streamer and DOTA 2 player Nikki "Sajdene" is one of the oldest incidents on the livestreaming platform, dating back to 2014.

The MOBA gamer was merrily playing DOTA 2 when all of a sudden, things started to take a dark turn. After hearing some loud banging and shouting noises, the Twitch streamer rushed to take note of the situation.

A few seconds later, a person holding a gun with a face mask in full-black attire made an appearance on the Twitch streamers webcam. The robber continued to loot items present in the room for the next three minutes.