5 Twitch streamers who encountered crazy stalkers on livestream

Twitch streamers who encountered crazy stalkers on livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamers who encountered crazy stalkers on livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamers need to deal with stream snipers and fans while they host their livestreams. Generally, some of these stream snipers do not have any malicious intent, but there have been times when some fans have taken things up a notch.

Twitch streamers often encounter scary and harrowing situations on streams involving a stalker or a crazy stream sniper. In this list, we will take a look at some of the Twitch streamers who encountered deranged fans on their livestream.

Here are the five Twitch streamers who encountered crazy stalkers on the livestream.

Twitch streamers like ImJasmine, Robcdee, and JakenBakeLIVE encountered crazy stalkers on livestream

5) Triciaisabirdy

Tricia "Triciaisabirdy" is a professional chef and an IRL streamer who faced a scary situation in 2021.

While she was preparing a meal on her livestream, proceedings started to take a dramatic turn when Triciaisabirdy seemingly got distracted. It was pretty evident that the Twitch streamer was scared as something was happening around her.

It was revealed that a crazy stranger had broken into her house and created a ruckus. Her roommates came in to rescue her, and she shared a 40-second long clip of the lunatic who broke into her house.

So so thankful for my roommates coming upstairs to be there. @theFareoh @ArrumieShannon @henry_cuddles and @1205viOLet for holding up a wooden object. I felt honestly so much safer because of everyone. This guy was clearly off his rocker.

Thankfully, no harm was done to the streamer as the police arrived, in the nick of time.

4) ImJasmine

Twitch streamer ImJasmine came face-to-face with a crazy stalker in September 2020 while she was hosting an IRL stream in Japan.

In the clip, a creepy individual approached the streamer and started to s*xually harass her in broad daylight. Following the stalker's advances, ImJasmine pushed him away and stated:

"No! Whoa, man! Stop! Yo, stop it! Just don't touch it. Bye!"

Later in the day, ImJasime provided more context.

She was visibly shaken after the whole ordeal and gave the following explanation towards the incident:

"I was waiting for the elevator; and he was super close to me, he was trying to talk to me and then he started grabbing me and he tried to lift my skirt up and I was like 'man, stop f*****g grabbing me' and I slapped his hand away and then he's like trying to follow me into the elevator. I just panicked and closed the door on him and then I went up to my apapartment."

The Twitch streamers’ experience of dealing with a crazy stalker went viral as the clip garnered more than 160k views.

3) Robcdee


Rob "Robcdee" is an Australian IRL Twitch streamer who resides in Tokyo, Japan. He is nicknamed the "Angel of Shibuya" due to his kind act of helping and saving people in the Shibuya district.

During one of his IRL live streams in 2020, a scared woman approached the Twitch streamer because she was being stalked by a creepy fellow.

Rob tried to put on an act of knowing the woman so that the stalker could go away as soon as possible. The woman revealed that this particular individual had been following her for quite a while and made her feel endangered.

2) Reckful


Byron "Reckful" was a former rank 1 World of Warcraft player who loved hosting IRL streams in Japan. During one of his livestreams back in 2017, Reckful noticed that someone had been following him. He immediately flipped the camera to focus on the stalker.

The Twitch streamer seemed scared as he tried his best to get away from the stalker. While interacting with his viewers, Reckful whispered:

"If he had turned to keep following me I would have been creeped the f***k out."

The stalker followed the streamer's footsteps and turned right into him. Seeing this, Reckful started to panic and stated:

"Wait, he turned. Wait, do I run? Do I run?"

He began running and confronted the stalker when he got far away by saying:

"F**k man! Do you know me? Why do you do that? Come on man! That was f***ked up!"

It was later revealed that the stalker was a stream sniper and wanted to get a reaction from the streamer.

1) JakenBakeLIVE


JakenBakeLIVE is one of the most famous IRL Twitch streamers on the platform, who focuses on traveling to various Asian countries and exploring their cultures.

In 2018, JakenBake was faced with a peculiar situation when a woman approached him and wanted to get his help. He noticed that she was being stalked by a creepy man. JakenBake immediately included the women in his streamer group and stated:

"We're helping save her right now from a guy. There's a guy behind us that's trying to creep on her."

The stalker stood behind him and lurked around for a couple of minutes. Eventually, the creepy stalker got a hint and left the Twitch streamer's vicinity.

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