"It's good to be back": JakenBakeLIVE restarts his IRL stream after 2 years

JakenBakeLIVE returns to doing his international IRL streams (Images via JakenBakeLIVE/Twitch)
JakenBakeLIVE returns to doing his international IRL streams (Images via JakenBakeLIVE/Twitch)

JakenBakeLIVE returned to do his signature streaming genre, IRL content, after two long years due to restrictions imposed worldwide during the pandemic. The content creator and livestreamer was recently seen going live during an airplane trip to Singapore.

In March 2022, JakenBake finally went live from Singapore, where he addressed his viewers and audience. He went on to thank them for their continuous support when he was unable to complete his specialized IRL streams in Asian countries.

As he continued to give introductions to new and old viewers of his, JakenBake humbly mentioned by saying:

“This is what I love to do, this is the reason I started streaming and it’s good to be back.”

JakenBakeLIVE hosts his first IRL stream from Singapore after 2 years

VOD for the clip starts at 00:06:36

JakenBake, the American livestreamer, is known for wholesome and energetic IRL content revolving around Japan and other Asian countries. After earning his business degree in marketing, JakenBake moved to China and later to Japan where he settled for a good amount of time.

During his stay in Japan back in 2017, he started to stream his daily life where his main objective was to learn and master the Japanese language. It was during this time that his Twitch channel started to gain traction and blew up after a while.

JakenBake’s content and streaming style took a major hit as the world went through a lockout phase. He had to reorient his content and focus on changing his streaming style. During a recent stream, JakenBake was seen traveling and notified his viewers that he will be livestreaming from Singapore.

After a two-year long hiatus, the streamer decided to address his old and new viewers. He started off by saying:

“This will be an official introduction. Welcome! It’s March 3rd and we’re currently in Singapore. And this is the first time we’ve been international in about two years!”

He mentioned how the IRL content section has gone down over the past two years by saying:

“IRL’s taken a big dip for us unfortunately because of COVID, and yes, although everythings not perfect in the world right now, I am very excited and happy to be out here and finally take a little bit of trip with you guys and for everything.”

Continuing with his wholesome introduction, JakenBakeLIVE shared a bit of his experience in Singapore by saying”

“I walked outside my hotel this morning and within like a couple of minutes, I just felt like rejuvenated with life and just like, excitement for doing s**t that I want to do.”

In conclusion to his introduction, he went on to thank his viewers:

“Just wanted to thank you guys all for being here. I hope this is a great trip and I am here for about a month. Singapore then Thailand and hope you guys enjoy it. I don't know what exactly is going to happen, it's not the perfect world I wanna be in. You know we got COVID still going on, but I think we’re gonna have a good time and make the best of it.”

Soon after the introduction was finished, JakenBake went on to explore the city with his friends. As mentioned by the streamer himself, he plans to do a good variety of content as he travels from Singapore to Thailand over the course of a month.

Fans react to JakenBakeLIVE restarting his international IRL content in Singapore

Audiences and fans were elated to see JakenBakeLIVE do what he does best. They were excited about the content that he had planned for the upcoming month.

JakenBakeLIVE is a very well established Twitch streamer who is followed by 563k viewers. During his peak on the Twitch platform, he used to get around six thousand viewers. He currently manages to garner viewership of an average of 820 viewers per stream.

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