Watch: Twitch streamer accidentally drops a $300 Nintendo64 box and rips it open

Twitch streamer DSKoopa drops a retro N64 console on stream (Image via DSKoopa/Twitch)
Twitch streamer DSKoopa drops a retro N64 console on stream (Image via DSKoopa/Twitch)

Twitch streamer Cody "DSKoopa" found himself in a peculiar situation after he accidentally dropped a rare retro $300 Nintendo64 during a recent livestream. This led to the gaming console's outer box getting ripped.

The Twitch streamer was showing off his amazing collection of gaming consoles that he has up for sale in his retro game shop. One of the consoles that he wanted to highlight was an N64 console.

After removing the gaming console from the shop's showcase, he accidentally dropped the pricey console, which seemingly ripped open the box from the bottom side.

Twitch streamer DSKoopa drops a retro Nintendo64 console on stream and rips open the box

DSKoopa owns a chain of retro gaming shops in Seattle called the Pink Gorrila. He often streams on his Twitch channel where he exhibits the galore of amazing gaming consoles, peripherals and merch.

During a recent stream on May 7, the Twitch streamer was showing some of the gaming consoles that were up for sale and a viewer in his Twitch chat requested him to unbox and show the coveted Nintendo64. DSKoopa stated that it was pristine condition console and it cost $300.

The 32-year-old content creator then mentioned that a collector had bought the system and grabbed the keys for the showcase to get it ready for his client. He spoke a bit about the console:

"Okay, so, he is grabbing the the 64 in the box, congratulations bro, this is a really, really nice one."

When he grabbed the N64 box to take it out of the showcase, he accidentally dropped the gaming system and immediately exclaimed by saying:

"Oh, god no! It's okay, it's okay! Anything else for you, Jason."

DSKoopa reaffirmed that the console was fine and was visibly panicked following the incident. He then placed the retro gaming console on top of a glass display counter to inspect if something had happened to the packaging, stating:

"It's okay, it's okay Jason, it's okay. It's still good looking. Look at it, it still looks beautiful. It's okay, it's okay!"

The Twitch streamer noticed that the bottom part of the packaging had been ripped open and stated:

"It has a rip, I don't know if that's new. I pray to god that's not new. Let's see here."

He then had a look at the box and offered a $50 discount to the buyer for the damage done.

Fans react to the Twitch streamer dropping a retro gaming console on stream

Fans present in the content creator's Twitch chat were concerned about the console and wondered if DSKoopa would offer a discount for the damage done. Some fans also speculated that the accident instantly dropped the value of the gaming product.

Fans reacting to the streamer's mistake (Images via DSKoopa/Twitch chat)
Fans reacting to the streamer's mistake (Images via DSKoopa/Twitch chat)

DSKoopa started streaming on Twitch back in February 2018 and saw a huge jump in viewership and followers in 2020. Since then, he averages a thousand viewers per stream and has spent more than 4,000 hours streaming in the Just Chatting category.

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