xQc gets a shout-out for graduating high school class of 2022, fans lose it over the troll

xQc gets a graduation shout-out on Twitter, sending fans into a frenzy (Image via Clarice Tinsley/Twitter)
xQc gets a graduation shout-out on Twitter, sending fans into a frenzy (Image via Clarice Tinsley/Twitter)

In a random turn of events, Felix "xQc" got a hilarious shout-out on Twitter for graduating from the high school class of 2022. The tweet was made by a Twitter user, Clarice Tinsley (@ClariceFox4), who congratulated the streaming sensation for seemingly graduating from Highland Park High School.

The tweet also mentioned that Felix will go on to attend the University of California-Berkley to major in Computer Science, Italian Language and Literature.

The tweet read:

"HERE'S TO YOU: Felix Lengyel will graduate from Highland Park High School Cum Laude. He's in the Computer Science National Honor Society & the Math National Honor Society. He'll attend the University of California-Berkley to study Computer Science, Italian language & Literature"

Within a couple of hours of its posting, several renowned esports personalities and journalists started to react to the humorous tweet, which later resulted in it going viral on the internet.

Twitter reacts to xQc getting a shout-out for 'graduating' high school

Twitter user Clarice Tinsley accepts fan submissions and gives shout-outs to upcoming high school graduates on her Twitter handle. A loyal xQc fan submitted a fake high school shout-out for their favorite streamer, and Clarice Tinsley posted the same on May 7, 2022.

Usually, her shout-out tweets get a hand full of responses and engagement on Twitter. However, the tweet featuring the popular French-Canadian streamer attracted more than 12 thousand likes and 200 replies.

Fans could not contain their laughter after seeing how Felix was in line to graduate from Highland Park High School. Fans poked fun at the tweet by sarcastically mentioning that it was not fake.

The streamer's fans posted several clips and highlights from his past streams and added their witty remarks in reference to the graduation shout-out.

Many fans congratulated the streamer on Twitter for successfully graduating from high school.

Some fans also tried to call out the tweet.

Popular esports personality and co-owner of Full Squad Gaming, Jake "JakeLucky" was surprised to see the troll tweet and reacted by reposting a screenshot of the original tweet to his fans and followers.

This is not the first time the fans have submitted a fake shout-out for the streamer.

Some Twitter users within Jake's tweet replied by posting a past clip of the streamer after some fans posted a Happy Birthday message on the news network. The birthday greeting was:

"Happy Birthday to Felix, from the boys."

xQc is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch right now as he is the second most subscribed content creator on the livestreaming platform. Aside from being a former Overwatch professional player, xQc is the current rank one English Twitch streamer who has a following of more than 10 million fans.