FIFA 17: Five fastest players post the winter update

Aubameyang is one of the quickest forwards in the game
Aakash Kar

With each year the FIFA game series becomes more realistic in terms of graphics and game-play, and FIFA 17 is no less! Scoring a goal by running past defenders is what makes the game enjoyable, and this is possible if the player is gifted with skill and raw pace.

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It’s a completely different feeling when running with the fastest player in your squad and tearing defences apart, especially when defenders struggle to catch up with your speedster. Having a player that can run at defences is always an advantage to one’s FIFA squad.

Here are the top 5 speedsters of the game:

#1 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Overall: 86, Pace: 96

He joined Borussia Dortmund in the 2013-14 season from Ligue 1 side St. Etienne and is known for his blistering pace. His long strides give him an additional edge in terms of speed, making him a menace for defenders.

In FIFA 16 he was ranked the third fastest, but today, he has improved his position and is the fastest player in the game. The fox in the box, gets faster with every new FIFA release and with Usain Bolt training in Aubameyang’s team there is actually no telling how much faster he could get with the next FIFA edition, perhaps even giving Bolt a run for his money!

#2 Mathis Bolly – Overall: 67, Pace: 96

Bolly’s direct running and pace can cause defences a problem

When one talks about raw pace in FIFA, Mathis Bolly is one player that cannot be ignored. His claim to fame is his speed. He is even faster than his fellow countrymen Gervinho, Seydou Doumbia, Max Gradel, who are known to be incredibly with the ball at their feet.

The Norwegian-born Ivory Coast international plays in the German Second Tier (2.Bundesliga) for Greuther Furth. In 2009, he was named the second fastest player ever in the Norwegian League (Tippeligaen) when he ran 40 metres in flat 4.61 seconds. He has consistently been amongst the top 3 FIFA speedsters since FIFA 14 and was the fastest player in FIFA 15 where the game-play was pace oriented.

Bolly may not have the ability to finish when in front of goal, but with an acceleration and sprint speed of 97 and 96, one can be sure that he would glide past his opponents and cause problems in the box.

#3 Jonathan Biabiany – Overall: 76, Pace: 95

Biabiany is currently tormenting defences in Serie A with Inter Milan

Biabiany is a beast when it comes to pace. He has come a long way, from being the seventh fastest player in the previous edition to becoming the third fastest in FIFA 17. The Inter Milan midfielder has the ability to hold the ball and run down the flank and is a defender's nightmare.

He can run past players, dribble and create chances for the striker, and his blistering pace helps boost the team’s attack, and his good attacking work-rate helps as well. Biabiany has played in the Serie A for a decade and is arguably the fastest right winger in the league.

#4 Hector Bellerin Overall: 77, Pace: 95

Bellerin is a useful player during counter attacks with his pace

Bellerin, a Barcelona academy product, joined Arsenal in 2013 and has become a Premier League star owing to his pace. Being the fastest player in a team with the likes of Walcott, Chamberlain and Sanchez is no mean feat!

He is the fastest defender in the game and can track down any attacker and save his team from conceding goals.

His ability to suddenly catch up with the opponent and make last minute tackles is a massive advantage. The fact that this 21-year-old is a fast defender allows him to dart forward to support in attack.

He possesses the ability to assist his team’s attackers as well as score goals in counter attacks. He is versatile and can fit into any league, and, perhaps, could become like Gareth Bale, who also started his career off as a defender.

#5 Gareth Bale Overall: 90, Pace: 94

Bale is super quick!

It is needless to say how great Gareth Bale is in FIFA! He is an important player for club and country, and one of his primary attributes is running past defenders and pushing off those who try to take the ball away, thanks to his fiery pace and large frame.

His pace attribute has helped Bale jump from being the seventh-fastest player in the game to the fifth fastest player, replacing Jurgen Damm. He often embarrasses defenders by dribbling and running past them; one needn’t be reminded of how Bale outpaced Marc Bartra and won Madrid the Spanish Cup in 2014.

There is a reason why online gamers go crazy when they get Bale in their FIFA pack openings. Having Bale in one’s FIFA squad is more than valuable and no FIFA player would disagree with that. His perfect long touches on the ball allow him to cover large distances of the field in no time, creating open spaces which let him smash the ball into the goal.

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