Best custom tactics to use with Manchester United in FIFA 22

Manchester United is one of the best starter teams in FIFA 22 (Image via FIFA 22)
Manchester United is one of the best starter teams in FIFA 22 (Image via FIFA 22)

There are different ways to play with other teams in FIFA 22. When players play with Manchester United, they get to enjoy the services of one of the best teams in the world of football.

But like in real life, Manchester United is not a perfect team in FIFA 22. Some glaring weaknesses are more visible in the game due to its meta. When talking about career mode, the problem is not as important as players can customize their squads and remove those weaknesses.

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But say a player is involved in a FIFA 22 tournament where default squads are being used and they have to play with Manchester United. How do you handle your weaknesses? Although players may not be able to change their squad, they will be able to make the most of different formations and perfectly tune the tactics for Manchester United in FIFA 22.

Best way to play with Manchester United in FIFA 22

Strengths and Weaknesses

When we settle on tactics with any team in FIFA 22, the first thing to analyze is the strengths and weaknesses. Manchester United have a lot of positives going for it in FIFA 22:

Excellent playmakers - Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba

Great striker options - Cristiano Ronaldo

Pro-Meta wide players - Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Mason Greenwood


But Manchester United are not devoid of their weakness. There is a significant flaw in not having a world-class defensive midfielder. Nemanja Matic struggles in the meta and Fred is barely manageable. There are no options for Manchester United like Rodri of Manchester City or Fabinho of Liverpool.


By default, Manchester United has a 4-2-3-1 wide formation in FIFA 22. However, there are two problems with that, and we believe that a 4-3-3 attack may be a better choice to go with.

Manchester United first team (Image via FIFA 22)
Manchester United first team (Image via FIFA 22)

The two underlying reasons for this are that it takes away the reliance on two CDMs and thereby takes away the Achilles heel of the side. Secondly, although Rashford and Sancho both play well as wide midfielders, their stats make them more ideal as wingers in FIFA 22 meta.

Team selection

So the 4-3-3 attack formation in FIFA 22 has 2 CB, 2 WB, 2 CM, 1 CAM, 2 LW and RW, and 1 ST.

GK: David De Gea

RB: Arron Wan-Bissaka

LB: Alex Telles

LCB: Luke Shaw (Harry Maguire is not good enough and will only do well in highly skilled hands)

RCB: Raphael Varane

LCM: Fred (Donny Van De Beek can be used, but he is slow and does poorly in the FIFA 22 meta)

RCM: Paul Pogba

CAM: Bruno Fernandes

LW: Marcus Rashford

RW: Jadon Sancho

ST: Cristiano Ronaldo


Defensive Style: Balanced

Width: 40

Depth: 50

Buildup: Fast Build up

Chance creations: Forward runs

Width: 70

Players in the Box: 6

Corners and Free kicks: 3


Broader strategy

While most things can be kept at default, some modifications need to be made. The two wing-backs should stay behind while attacking. Interceptions can be put to aggressive but keep it balanced if you're making errors.

For Fred, select stay behind while attacking and cover crosses.

For the striker, it should be stay center.

For the two wingers, both should move inside as both Sancho and Rashford do well when deployed as inside forwards in FIFA 22.

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