FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Budget meta squad for FUT Champions

It is tricky but not impossible to build FUT budget squads in FIFA 22 meta (Image via FIFA 22)
It is tricky but not impossible to build FUT budget squads in FIFA 22 meta (Image via FIFA 22)

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team gives absolute freedom to players to build any squad they want. Thousands of players are available from hundreds of leagues, and cards get added to FIFA 22 regularly.

This makes squad building more difficult, especially when a player is just getting started with FIFA 22. While making the squads, players have to keep the overall chemistry in mind to ensure the players perform properly.

It is also important to remember the meta as FIFA 22 has its match engine. Some player items perform better in the engine, but it becomes tricky to get great cards due to the limitation of coins.


But there are several underrated cards in the game that do well in the meta. Let's look at a squad that does not cost a lot, has widely available cards, and does well in the meta.

Best budget squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode

There are different ways to build budget squads based on the player's choices and preferences. However, the task becomes harder when the team has to have pro-meta cards.

Player items with pace do great in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team matches. However, player items must have their relevant stats at a decent level as well.

The budget meta squad (Image via FUTBIN)
The budget meta squad (Image via FUTBIN)

Cost of the lineup: 17,000 coins

No. of leagues: 2

OVR: 81

Chemistry: 100

While going mono-league is the best way to ensure chemistry, it is difficult to get eleven pro-meta players within a budget from a single league. Hence, we have gone with two leagues - the Bundesliga and the English Premier League to spread the cost around.

The squad employs a holding 4-4-2 formation that consists of two defensive mids. In goal is Bernd Leno, who is an excellent keeper in the game.

The 4 men backline consists of the muscle of Antonio Rudiger and the pace of Lukas Klostermann. In the RB position, Emerson Royal is a very pacy option, whereas Jerome Roussillon is blisteringly fast in FIFA 22. He is our left-back.

Mid employs two defensive midfielders in the form of Moussa Sissoko and Fred. Both cards are defensively solid and have more than the necessary pace required for CDM.

Fred is a bargain option in FIFA 22 (Image via Getty)
Fred is a bargain option in FIFA 22 (Image via Getty)

Wide midfielders feature Allan St. Maximin and Raphinha. Both cards have high dribbling and extremely fast pace.

Two strikers will lead the attack from Manchester clubs. Anthony Martial and Gabriel Jesus are both cheap, fast, good dribblers and have decent finishing.

Overall, the budget squad has great elements to dominate the meta and carry a player well in the lower divisions.