5 must-have budget Premier League players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (October 2021)

Some of the best bargain PL players in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some of the best bargain PL players in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team lets players take on each other with custom squads of their own choices, footballers and tactics. The easiest way to achieve complete chemistry is to build a single-league squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in real life. It consists of some of the biggest names in world football like Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United. Many FIFA 22 Ultimate Team squads are naturally built as PL teams that feature some of the biggest PL stars.

But not everyone can afford superstars, especially when they're just getting started with the game. But nobody has to worry because here is a list of 5 bargain PL players that are incredibly cheap to buy and fit in very well with the current in-game meta.

FIFA 22: The top 5 bargain Premier League players in October 2021

5) Diogo Jota

Posn: LW

OVR: 82

Price: 800-1000

Jota can play as a LW and LM. (Image via Getty)
Jota can play as a LW and LM. (Image via Getty)

Diogo Jota is a great option available in the PL for a low price. The card has an excellent pace of 84, dribbling of 85 and finishing of 81. Jota can be played at both LW and LM in FIFA 22. He also adds extra chemistry with cards like Ruben Neves and Bruno Fernandes as all of them are Portuguese.

4) Alex Telles

Posn: LB

OVR: 82

Price: 750-950

Alex Telles is a rarety of sorts as he fits in quite well with the in-game meta. His overall of 82 is also decent, but he comes at a bargain price of around 850 coins only. He has a great pace of 83 and a passing of 82. He is alright defensively with a rating of 77 that is quite good for a cheap and fast wing-back in FIFA 22.

3) Antonio Rudiger

Posn: CB

OVR: 83

Cost: 1200-1300

Rudiger is a solid CB card option in PL for FIFA 22. He has a good pace of 75 (for a benchmark, Van Dijk has 78) and good defense and physicality of 84 each. He is a solid option to have in the backline.

2) Raphinha

Posn: RM

OVR: 82

Cost: 800-950

Raphinha is electric in FIFA 22, and he has a pace of 91. The blistering pace is well supported by his dribbling of 84. While his passing and finishing are mediocre at 76, Raphinha does tremendously well in the present FIFA 22 match engine.

1) Gabriel Jesus

Posn: ST

OVR: 83

Cost: 1000-1100

PL has several meta options in the striking department like Vardy and Werner. But if you do not have too many coins to spend, Manchester City striker Jesus is an excellent choice. The 81 shot, coupled with an 84 pace and 86 dribbling, makes Jesus play well in the current meta. He is a perfect option for leading the line for beginners and veterans alike in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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