FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC: How to complete Current TOTW Upgrade in FUT 22

Current TOTW Upgrade SBC is live in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Current TOTW Upgrade SBC is live in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 TOTW Upgrade SBCs are back in the game as EA Sports provides another try to FIFA 22 players to get a guaranteed TOTW item by completing the SBC.

TOTW stands for Team of the Week players, which are special player items that celebrate the highlight individual performances from footballers worldwide. These items are normally only obtainable from packs up to 24 hours post their release.


The Current TOTW Upgrade SBC provides a different strategy for all players to obtain TOTW player items without blind luck. TOTW items have very low odds of being acquired from the packs, and the pro-meta TOTW items sell for a massive premium in the market.

Tasks, rewards, and review of the Current TOTW Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Current TOTW Upgrade SBC squad tasks

Squad Rating: Min 83

Team Chemistry: Min 50

# of players in the Squad: 11


The Current TOTW Upgrade SBC will approximately cost FIFA 22 players about 13000 coins every time they complete the SBC. Players are strongly advised to use fodder in this SBC, and the reason is explained in the following section.

What is the Current TOTW Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22?

Essentially, the Current TOTW Upgrade SBC is a single-task SBC but varies in its rewards. It is also a repeatable SBC which means FIFA 22 players can try it as many times as they want. However, like all FIFA 22 SBCs, the Current TOTW Upgrade will expire after ten days from the date of writing.

Review of the Current TOTW Upgrade

There has been a TOTW SBC in FIFA 22 earlier, and its main points of criticism apply here as well. The Current TOTW Upgrade SBC will reward players with a guaranteed TOTW player item. Players can also choose to save this one if they're not willing to try for the player items they predict to appear in the future.


Well, then what seems to be the problem? The main problem is the simple fact that the TOTW promo varies widely from player items rated as low as 72 to rated as high as 92. Players will be influenced strongly by random luck, making this SBC lot less worthy of being completed.

Hence, it is strongly advised to try the Current TOTW Upgrade SBC if the player feels lucky or has plenty of fodder. Otherwise, it's not worth completing this SBC more than once at all.

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