FIFA 22 Ultimate Team fans ask Bayer Leverkusen to lose to get a Nabil Fekir card upgrade

Nabil Fekir's RTTK card has been a hot favorite in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskee
Nabil Fekir's RTTK card has been a hot favorite in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Nabil Fekir's Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) card was released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode a few days ago. The 86 OVR CAM card is one of the most meta cards in the game, especially for La Liga teams. The card is available only as a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) reward, but the SBC is highly doable, making Fekir's RTTK card highly sought after.

As many players have already completed the SBC and earned the card, their next hope is for only one thing: a Real Betis win. If Betis wins and qualifies, the card will get boosts in the future. The first boost will make Fekir's RTTK card in FIFA 22 88 rated. Players are ready to go to such an extent that they have asked Bayer Leverkusen, Betis' opponent, to lose the match.

Bayer responds to FIFA 22 fans asking them to throw the match to get an upgrade on Fekir's RTTK card

Fans wanting a football club to throw a match is hilarious to think of. But such is the worldwide craze of FIFA 22 and Fekir's RTTK card, and Football Twitter made it a reality. But what was not foreseen was how Bayer would respond, and they did so in hilarious fashion.

In a hilarious tweet, Bayer reminded everyone that not only do they need the 3 points, but they also need more special cards in FIFA 22 of their players. This once again shows the reach FIFA 22 has over real-life football as well. Incidentally, Bayer already has a special card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in the form of Florian Wirtz POTM. One fan was even quick to remind them of that.

It is to be seen if FIFA 22 players who own Fekir's RTTK will have their wish fulfilled or not. The Europa League clash will certainly grab extra eyes as the two teams collide in real life.

Only time will now tell if players will have their wishes met or not. This entire incident proves why Fekir's RTTK card in FIFA 22 is the most liked SBC reward among all.