5 easy FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBCs that all beginners should complete (October 2021)

FIFA 22 Marquee Matchups is one of the best beginner-friendly SBC (Image via EA Sports)
FIFA 22 Marquee Matchups is one of the best beginner-friendly SBC (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 22 Squad Building Challenges provide the best opportunities to earn new player items and packs to expand and improve a player's team in Ultimate Team.

SBCs usually involve a player to complete a squad of the required number of players. The team has to be completed as per the given conditions and submitted to earn the rewards. New players should be mindful that the cards used to complete and submit the squad to earn the rewards will be lost permanently.

SBCs in FIFA 22 drop packs and player items as rewards. At the moment, different Player of the Month (POTM) cards and Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) cards are available as completion rewards in FIFA 22. However, those cards are great but costlier to obtain. For the starting players, it will make the SBCs look daunting.

Let's take a look at five simple SBCs that players can complete in October in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: 5 simple Ultimate Team SBCs for beginners

5) Newcomer's Challenge


Clubs: Min 3

Same League Count: Max 6

Same Club Count: Max 5

Rare: Min 1

Team Chemistry: Min 50

# of players in the Squad: 8

Rewards: 2 Rare Gold Players Pack

A simple SBC that costs around 1500 coins to complete is a great way to get two rare players in return.

4) A Symphony of Goals


Game League Count: Max 4

Same Club Count: Max 3

Nationality: Min 3

Rare: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 75

Team Chemistry: Min 85

# of players in the Squad: 11

Rewards: 1 Rare Electrum Player Pack

It's a bit costlier than the previous SBC and costs about 5000 coins to complete, but the rewards are good.

3) The Underdogs


Same League Count: Max 5

Same Club Count: Min 3

Gold Players: Min 2

Rare: Min 11

Squad Rating: Min 70

Team Chemistry: Min 80

# of players in the Squad: 11

Rewards: 1 Jumbo Gold Player Pack

The SBC costs around 5000 coins and is a great way to dump the bronze and silver rares to complete and earn the reward.

2) 75+ Player Pick


Player Level: Min Gold

Rare: Min 1

Team Chemistry: Min 15

# of players in the Squad: 4

Rewards: 1 out of 2 75+ player picks

This is the only repeatable SBC on the list which means players can keep doing it again. Although the greatness of the reward may vary on your luck, it's an excellent way to clear away excess fodder.

1) Marquee Matchups


Marquee Matchups happen every week and usually cost around 20000-25000 coins to complete. However, individual matchups cost about 5000 coins and may come down depending on the fodder you may already have in your collection in FIFA 22. Individual matchups are a great way to keep earning new player items for minimal cost in FIFA 22.

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