What is the fastest way to make money in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Player trading is the easiest way to make coins in FIFA 22 (Image via Twitter)
Player trading is the easiest way to make coins in FIFA 22 (Image via Twitter)

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is the fan-favorite mode among players, and making money is the essential task of the mode.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team allows players to play against each other either head-to-head or via AI-controlled teams. Players make customized squads based on their own choices and strategies. Money is the main item required to strengthen your team as it is necessary for basically everything in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode.


Money in FIFA 22 can be used in more than one way:

1) You can use it to buy the player you require directly from the FUT market.

2) It is also used to acquire fodder players who complete SBCs to unlock either packs or target players.

3) Money is also used to get consumables like club kits, player contracts, etc.

FIFA 22: How to quickly make money in the game

In FIFA 22, money is of two types - coins and FIFA points. FIFA Points are the premium currency that cannot be earned in-game or purchased using real money from the store. However, FUT coins are the currency of choice for players as they can be freely made, with time being the only investment resource.

There is more than one way to earn FUT coins in FIFA 22. For example, every match reward in FIFA 22 involves coin rewards at the end of the match. However, the best way to make coins faster is to get involved with the FUT market in player trading.

What is player trading?

Player trading is the activity of selling players for a profit. But players do not grow here like they do in real life. So making money from player trading in FIFA 22 involves smart buying and selling of players.

1) Always sell what you do not need

Players in FIFA 22 are either tradeable or untradeable. It is always recommended to sell tradeable players once you have settled your lineup. Cards traditionally decrease in value over time, so it's best to sell cards you do not need.

2) Set the "Buy Now" sensibly

Let's say a card is selling for 500 FUT coins. It makes a lot of sense to set the buy now price between 600-650 for such a card. In that way, a player looking to buy the card will pay an additional 100-150 coins to avoid waiting. So instead of earning what you will typically do, you can make more. But setting it massively high will add no benefit.

3) Keep aside a part for investment

There are different ways you can invest coins in player trading of FIFA 22. One is to snipe unique player cards and sell them for profits. But this process involves significant risk and also requires a healthy coin balance to begin with.


A more straightforward and effective process is investing in non-rare gold players of big teams, especially the Premier League. These players can be bought for very cheap and guarantee a profit of 200-250 coins each. Doing this 20 times a day ensures a daily profit of 4000 coins out of nothing.

4) Buy when the market has lesser players

FIFA 22 sees the highest competition for players when Europe, the Americas, and Asian zones are active. Purchasing when at least one of these three zones is inactive can result in lesser prices. Asian markets can also enjoy a period when both Europe and the Americas are passive.

5) Follow the trading gurus

Many FIFA 22 YouTubers have great tips when it comes to player trading. Following directions and guidelines helps a lot. Also, vary your trading techniques because players often try to follow the most popular trade filters that lead to inflation and reduction of profits.


To sum up, there's no free way to make coins in FIFA 22. It takes time, energy, and patience. Make sure to play the game; otherwise, it will make no sense to make coins in the first place. Also, don't be upset if you lose coins but try not to repeat the mistakes. Finally, mix and match your trading practices and keep yourself updated with market trends in player prices.

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