Top 5 tips to make better FUT Teams in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 FUT is the most exciting mode of the game (Image via EA Sports)
FIFA 22 FUT is the most exciting mode of the game (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is the most exciting mode that players get to enjoy every season.

Since its inception, the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA games has taken the game to a newfound competitive scene. In FIFA 22, the Ultimate Team has both single-player and multiplayer content available to the players' liking. Players play against each other or AI-controlled opponents with their customized squads.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team provides the utmost freedom to build the squad as the player wants. Overall and Chemistry are the two most important elements to concentrate on while building a squad. Apart from these two factors, there are other important pointers to keep in mind as well. These pointers help to make the squad better, and a better squad plays better.

Let's now look at the 5 best tips that players can follow to improve their FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) squads in FIFA 22.

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FIFA 22: 5 best ways to improve your FUT teams

5) Understand the mechanics

FIFA 22, like any video game, has its game engine and mechanics. A footballer may be great in real life but maybe lacking in the meta of the game. Understanding the players that fit in with the match engine well is a must. Usually, in FIFA 22 FUT, faster players are preferred irrespective of their positions.


4) Compete in as many game modes as possible

While you may have your favorite game mode in FUT, playing different modes is advisable. Players sometimes skip single-player mode in FIFA 22 FUT, but they have good rewards as well. Sometimes, basic rewards from more modes are better than higher rewards from a single-mode only.


3) Use the market

Opening packs in FIFA 22 FUT is great fun. But the fun also comes with a risk of poor RNG that can be very demoralizing. There can be nothing worse than spending coins and getting absolutely nothing. Utilizing the market to get the players you need is a more practical and rational thing to do in FIFA 22.


2) Complete SBCs

Squad Building Challenges and SBCs reward players with different rewards upon completion, including player items. Some SBCs are way too costly, but others provide wonderful ways to get players who provide great value for money in return.


1) Stay patient

While it is entirely the player's decision to invest real-life money in the game, FIFA 22 FUT rarely guarantees great returns. This has resulted in many players claiming the game to have become pay-to-win, and EA Sports has also faced sanctions related to loot boxes and gambling.


Players shouldn't forget that a great team need not necessarily result in great playing. Players can easily remain patient and make squads with cards that may not be flashy but are effective. Knowing your style of play and improving your gameplay is a much more fruitful way to move forward and build a successful FIFA 22 FUT team.