FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC: How to obtain Myron Boadu's Ones To Watch (OTW) card

Myron Boadu OTW SBC (Images via EA Sports)
Myron Boadu OTW SBC (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 22 has continued its trend of releasing Ones to Watch Cards into the second week with the latest addition of Myron Boadu.

The OTW cards in FIFA 22 ultimate team mode via SBCs started in the opening week with Andre Silva and Anderson Talisca. SBCs, depending on their investment, can be a great way of picking cards rather than relying on random luck. OTW cards as rewards are even better as they receive boosts when the player and his team perform excellently in real life.

Myron Boadu OTW is the second straight addition from Ligue 1 in two days in FIFA 22 following Wijnaldum's OTW card. Like the PSG player, Boadu's OTW card is available as an SBC reward. Earlier in the summer, he switched from Eredivisie to the French league when he signed for Monaco.

Let's look at the card details, the tasks the player has to complete and if it's worth doing the SBC at all.

FIFA 22: Myron Boadu OTW card, SBC details and more

SBC Name: Myron Boadu

No. of tasks: 2

Individual task rewards: Yes

Tradeability of the main reward: No

Deadline: 15.10.21

Task 1: Gold Squad

Player Level: Min Gold

Team Chemistry: Min 30

Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Rewards: Two Players Pack

This task is going to cost approx 4000 coins to complete.

Task 2: Ligue 1

Number of players from Ligue 1 Conforama: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 83

Team Chemistry: Min 70

Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Rewards: 1 Premium Gold Pack

This task is going to cost an average of 10000 coins.

One important element to note in FIFA 22 is that those playing will have enough fodder for some time. Now it is up to the player if they would rather use the fodder for this SBC in FIFA 22 or something else. Using fodders will make this SBC a lot cheaper.

Myron Boadu OTW card for FIFA 22

Myron Boadu OTW card stats. (Image via FIFA 22)
Myron Boadu OTW card stats. (Image via FIFA 22)

A 76 ST card is not flashy enough to grab the attention of FIFA 22 ultimate team players. However, this is an OTW card, and one inform boost will have an increase of +4/+5 that suddenly makes the card a lot better.

The most striking thing is his electric pace. For now, his shooting and dribbling are okay at best in FIFA 22.


Final Verdict: While Myron Boadu is an exciting talent in real life, this card is not worth it for a large part. At this point, the card badly needs a boost in ratings that will increase both dribbling and finishing.

FIFA 22 players are recommended that if they're building a Ligue 1 team, they can unlock him if they have surplus fodder.