FIFA 22 Career Mode: Theo Hernandez vs Lucas Hernandez - Which brother is the better full-back?

The first brothers to play for France in the same game since the 1970s (Images via Getty)
The first brothers to play for France in the same game since the 1970s (Images via Getty)

FIFA 22 Career Mode has several excellent young and established players that gamers can try to play with.

FIFA 22 also has some sibling options in the available player pool, but it is rare when a pair of brothers battle it out over the same spot.

Against Belgium in the recent Nations League semis, brothers Lucas and Theo Hernandez started for Les Bleus. It was the first instance of brothers doing so for the side since the 1970s when the Rivelli brothers started for France.

Theo Hernandez with Lucas Hernandez 🇫🇷

Coach Didier Deschamps reiterated the strength of the bond of blood. Theo played as a natural left-back while Lucas played as a left-sided center-back.

But when it comes to FIFA 22 though, the brothers go head to head, as both are listed as left-backs. Both players are good choices in Career Mode, but who is a better Hernandez at LB?

FIFA 22 Career Mode: Assessing Theo Hernandez and Lucas Hernandez

Lucas Hernandez

Age: 25

Foot: Left

Current OVR: 83

Potential OVR: 86

Position: LB

Valuation: 44.5 million euros

As requested from @DunkelMarcus Lucas Hernandez Official Card #Fifa22

While Lucas Hernandez is an excellent option for Career Mode, his stats do not make him the ideal left-back. With his passing and pace in the mid-70s, Lucas is not the best in that position.

Lucas Hernandez stats (Image via FIFACM)
Lucas Hernandez stats (Image via FIFACM)

While many players feel he deserves more pace in FIFA 22, his stats make him a better choice as a left-sided CB, the position Deschamps played him in the last international match.

Theo Hernandez

Age: 23

Foot: Left

Current OVR: 84

Potential OVR: 90

Position: LB

Valuation: 62.5 million Euros

The younger Hernandez, Theo, plays as an LB for AC Milan. His stats are more suitable for an ideal LB in FIFA 22.

He is bullet fast with a pace above 90, stamina of 90, and good passing and crossing stats. This makes Theo Hernandez the perfect left-back in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Theo Hernandez stats (Image via FIFACM)
Theo Hernandez stats (Image via FIFACM)

Who is the better LB between Lucas and Theo in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

Theo Hernandez has better pace and better passing skills. However, his defensive stats are weaker when compared to Lucas Hernandez in FIFA 22. This again reflects that the latter's position in the title as an LB is not his optimum one in Career Mode.

Comparing the two at price points does not make any difference as both will be expensive to acquire. But a younger age and higher potential, combined with better positional stats, make the debate easier to settle.

Between the brothers, Theo Hernandez is a better full-back in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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