FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to complete the Night Fright SBC?

Night Fright SBC is the latest SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Night Fright SBC is the latest SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 commemorates the festive season of Halloween by dropping a single task SBC on Sunday, and this one goes by the name of Night Fright.

FIFA 22's newest SBC Night Fright is a single task SBC that requires players to submit only one squad to unlock the rewards. A single task SBC is preferable for beginner and veteran players alike due to its cheaper cost and easy to complete nature.

Tasks, rewards, and review of the Night Fright SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

What is the Night Fright SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Night Fright SBC is a single task SBC in FIFA 22 that follows a series of excellent SBCs released in-game since the introduction of the Rulebreakers promo. The Rulebreakers promo features players who have undergone significant stat changes in FIFA 22. The Night Fright SBC is not, however, part of the Rulebreakers promo.

Tasks and rewards for Night Fright SBC

Night Fright SBC is a non-repeatable SBC, so FIFA 22 players can complete it only once. Players will only have to complete the task associated with the SBC within the next four days at the time of writing.

Squad conditions

Same League Count: Max 3

Player Level: Min Silver

Gold Players: Min 8

Rare: Min 4

Team Chemistry: Min 70

# of players in the Squad: 10

The Night Fright SBC dropped a few hours ago, and at the moment, completing the SBC from scratch will set the player back by 4400 coins. However, the cost of investment will be reduced once players use their existing fodder in FIFA 22.


None of the requirements of the Night Fright SBC in FIFA 22 is challenging, and there are different ways in which players can approach and complete this SBC.

Review of the Night Fright SBC

The Night Fright SBC rewards players with 1 Premium Gold Players Pack. Even if a player has to shell out 4500 coins, the cost of the rewards is more which makes the SBC doable.


Beginners are always advised to complete SBCs like Night Fright in FIFA 22. These SBCs are cheap and easy to complete and are better investments than spending directly on packs.

There is an overload of fodder for veterans, which can be used on these SBCs. They are easy to fill and do not require expensive fodder, which can be preserved for use later. Night Fright SBC in FIFA 22 should be completed by veteran players as well as gamers who started their journeys in October.

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