FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to complete the TOTW Upgrade SBC?

TOTW Upgrade is the latest SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via FIFA 22)
TOTW Upgrade is the latest SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via FIFA 22)

FIFA 22 released another repeatable SBC on October 25 in the form of the TOTW Upgrade SBC that lets gamers earn untradeable Team of the Week player items.

Squad Building Challenges (SBC) are a great way to earn rewards by completing and submitting squads. The TOTW Upgrade is a single task SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode that is the first SBC to hand out TOTW cards directly.

TOTW is a special player card that celebrates exceptional individual performances in a given week for a footballer in real life. New TOTW cards are released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team every Wednesday.

By completing the TOTW Upgrade SBC, users can obtain any past or current TOTW releases. They do need to keep an important point in mind: the acquired TOTW cards will be untradeable.

Here's a look at the rewards, cost involvement, and an overall review of the FIFA 22 SBC.

Everything to know about the TOTW Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The TOTW Upgrade SBC is a repeatable one that expires at the end of October 27. As of writing, gamers have a little less than two days to complete the squad and unlock the rewards.

Squads to be submitted: 1

Squad conditions

  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

The TOTW Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 is pretty simple at the outset. There are no restrictions or conditions regarding leagues and nationalities. The squad chemistry requirement is not that demanding either.

Only a degree of difficulty can be somewhat associated with the minimum squad rating of 83.


At the time of writing, TOTW Upgrade SBC costs around 12,000 coins. The cost of completing it will reduce and vary depending on the existing fodder cards the users have.

Due to the freedom it offers, they can go any way they want to complete this SBC. The main focus should be on saving as many coins as possible in the process.

TOTW Upgrade SBC review

So, upon completion, gamers will earn one TOTW card from previous releases or the current week. It certainly looks great, as TOTW cards are boosted cards with higher and better stats.

However, the value of this SBC will significantly depend on the users' luck entirely. If lucky, they can earn a Mo Salah or Thiago Silva. If not, players might obtain a lower-rated TOTW item that will barely be usable even as fodder.

The TOTW Upgrade SBC should be avoided by beginners who have just started their FIFA 22 journey. For veterans, it is best to do it once at most to see if they find some luck. They should save fodder for SBCs that offer lesser risk and safer rewards to complete.

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