FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC: How to get Sebastien Haller TOTGS card in FUT 22

Sebastien Haller is the first TOTGS player item SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sebastien Haller is the first TOTGS player item SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

The first player item SBC belonging to the TOTGS has been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and it features Ajax's talisman, Sebastien Haller.

No one could have ever imagined that when there would be a Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) promo, Sebastien Haller would belong in it. Featuring the very best of group stage performers, Haller has been the biggest reason why Ajax have been terrific in the Champions League so far.

Haller SBC (65k) has been given a MONSTER boost, this is a sick card! #FUT

Since his switch to Ajax, Haller has rediscovered himself and his scoring touch under manager Erik Ten Hag. The French forward is the joint-highest scorer after five matches on nine goals and shares top spot with Robert Lewandowski.

It is quite befitting that he is the first player SBC under TOTGS in FIFA 22.

Tasks, rewards, and review of Sebastien Haller TOTGS card for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Tasks of the SBC

  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 50
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Based on the early costs, Sebastien Haller's TOTGS SBC will cost a bit less than 70000 coins to complete from scratch. But given the nature of the SBC, a large amount of fodder can be potentially used, which will reduce the cost of completion significantly.

What is Sebastien Haller TOTGS SBC?

Sebastien Haller's TOTGS SBC is the first player-item challenge in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The TOTGS promo consists of special player items featuring the best footballers from the group stage of the current Champions League.

Haller's TOTGS item has boosted stats and permanent upgrades, coupled with an enhanced overall based on his real life performance.


Sebastien Haller TOTGS is a simple, single-task SBC which can be completed only once. Every FIFA 22 player has less than 8 days to complete the SBC and unlock the special player item to add to their FIFA 22 Ultimate Team squad.

Review of the Sebastien Haller TOTGS SBC

Sebastien Haller's TOTGS item is a 88-rated ST card. Overall, the card has a well-rounded set of stats with a massive upgrade in the Pace department compared to his base variant. The 85 Pace is well-supported by 88 Shooting, 84 Dribbling and 89 Physicality.

Haller TOTGS card stats in FIFA 22 (Image via FIFA 22)
Haller TOTGS card stats in FIFA 22 (Image via FIFA 22)

For a 70000 cost player item, the Sebastien Hallen TOTGS SBC is well-priced. However, there are similar player items that have cheaper costs and fit in better from the chemistry point.

That is in fact the only criticism that can be made about the cost of the SBC, which otherwise, is really good on its own.

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