FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC: How to obtain Dante Rulebreakers card

Dante Rulebreakers SBC is the latest player SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dante Rulebreakers SBC is the latest player SBC in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 continues to drop fresh SBCs on the Rulebreakers promo, and a new player SBC has been dropped on Sunday that rewards Dante's Rulebreakers card as a completion reward.

SBCs are Squad Building Challenges that require FIFA 22 players to complete squads based on certain conditions and reward them when they complete and submit. SBCs drop packs, coins, and player items and are a great way to expand someone's collection and improve the squad.

Dante's Rulebreakers Card is available as a completion reward upon completing the SBC, which has six tasks. Players will have to complete all six tasks to unlock the Rulebreakers card. Rulebreakers promo features those players who have undergone significant stat changes in FIFA 22.


Take a look at the tasks, rewards, and review of Dante's Rulebreakers card in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC: Tasks, conditions, rewards, and stats of Dante's Rulebreakers card

FIFA 22 players have about six days at the time of writing to complete all six tasks. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with an untradeable copy of Dante's Rulebreakers card.

Dante Rulebreakers card tasks and conditions

Gold Squad

  • Min. Gold Players
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 30

Rare Gold Squad

  • Min. Gold Players
  • Min. 11 Players: Rare
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 30

Ligue 1

  • Min. 1 Player from Ligue 1
  • Min. Team Rating: 82
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 80


  • Min. 1 Player from Brazil
  • Min. Team Rating: 83
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 75

84-Rated Squad

  • Min. Team Rating: 84
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 70

85-Rated Squad

  • Min. Team Rating: 85
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 65

Although the SBC has just started, players can expect a total cost of about 95000 coins to complete all the individual tasks in FIFA 22.

Dante Rulebreakers card stats

Dante's Rulebreakers card is an 85 rated CB card that looks quite solid at first look. Firstly, the player item has a good pace of 79 that is quite good for a CB in FIFA 22.

The defensive and physicals are both 86, making the card a very good player item in FIFA 22 meta. The card has great defensive skills that help win the ball and good pace, which counters speed-based opponents.

Dante's Rulebreakers card stats (Image via FUTBIN)
Dante's Rulebreakers card stats (Image via FUTBIN)

The SBC doesn't look favorable at the moment for most players of FIFA 22. However, this card is extremely good if you're using Marquinhos as one of your CBs or if you're playing with a Ligue 1 squad. If you're not doing either, Dante Rulebreakers SBC in FIFA 22 will not be worth the players' time or costs.

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