FIFA 23 88+ World Cup, Fantasy FUT or Trophy Titans Hero SBC (May 28): How to complete, expected cost, and more

The latest Hero PP SBC is now live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
The latest Hero PP SBC is now live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

With Ligue 1 Team of the Season in full swing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has released an updated version of the 88+ World Cup, Fantasy FUT or Trophy Titans SBC. Previous versions of this Squad Building Challenge were a massive success with FUT enthusiasts, and gamers will definitely be excited to test their luck once again.

FUT Heroes are some of the most desirable and overpowered items in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. EA Sports has introduced several special versions of these legendary footballers over time. However, the best editions of FUT Heroes are available in the latest SBC. With TOTS lineups for the most competitive leagues in being added to this game, now was a good time to introduce such a challenge.

The 88+ World Cup, Fantasy FUT or Trophy Titans SBC is now available once again in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team


World Cup Heroes were first introduced during the World Cup-themed promos back in November 2022. These are the earliest special iterations of FUT Heroes in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and while they possess impressive stats, the items are certainly falling behind the power curve and are not as desirable as they used to be.

Trophy Titans and Fantasy FUT Heroes are much more recent releases, featuring some of the most overpowered players in FIFA 23. Gamers who complete this SBC will definitely be hoping to obtain an item pertaining to these two card types.


Similar to the previous release of this Hero Pick challenge, the new one requires two squads to unlock the rewards on offer.

85-rated squad

  • Squad Rating: Minimum 85

87-rated squad

  • Team of the Season or Team of the Season Moments players: Minimum one in your starting eleven
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 87

The overall expected completion cost of this SBC is around 180,000 FUT coins, which is primarily due to the price of high-rated fodder cards in FIFA 23's FUT transfer market. However, gamers can bring that value down by using untradeable assets from their clubs. This should be easy to do, considering how easy it is to grind fodder due to Team of the Season.

Is the SBC worth completing?


The price of this SBC is rather steep indeed, as most of the items available in the Player Pick are valued at less than 180,000 coins. However, it is a worthwhile proposition for gamers willing to test their luck. This is because it also features some of the most overpowered cards like Fantasy FUT Ginola, Trophy Titans Yaya Toure, and Trophy Titans Lucio.

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