FIFA 23 Daily Login Upgrade SBC: How to complete, estimated costs, solutions, and more

The Daily Login challenge is live in FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)
The Daily Login challenge is live in FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)

EA has released the quick and easy Daily Login Upgrade Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, allowing gamers to get some good rewards without having to exert much effort. The single-task SBC is a must-do for FUT players looking to pack some good cards by exchanging a relatively cheap squad.

Complex challenges may provide better rewards, but one must remember that this one will be available for six days, giving them the opportunity to complete the SBC six times. There are also some objectives tied to the completion rate of the challenge, which further incentivizes players to remember to milk the Daily Login Upgrade for the next few days.

Here's a quick guide on how to easily complete the challenge and the cost-to-reward analysis for the same.

Daily Login Upgrade SBC is a no-brainer for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team enthusiasts

To work towards getting all the rewards, you need to exchange a squad that meets all these paltry requirements:

  • Number of players in the squad: Minimum 11
  • Quality of player cards in the squad: Minimum Bronze

Estimated cost: 2,200 FUT Coins across all platforms

Rewards - 1x Gold Pack + progression towards daily login objective reward

Analysis and all possible rewards


The estimated cost to build the cheapest possible squad to meet the requirements is possible at 2,200 coins. This can only happen because the challenge involves no caveats in terms of card choice. This means that gamers can use any and all player items to fill up the required positions. Naturally, using all the lowest-priced bronze cards from the FIFA 23 transfer market would be the most economically optimal option here.

Furthermore, it's very likely that even casual gamers have an abundance of bronze cards at their disposal, and there is a high possibility that such individuals will not have to go to the market at all to complete the SBC.

Using Bronze player items from the squad as fodder and filling up the rest with cheap cards on the market will further mitigate the price of the challenge.

All the rewards that can be obtained from completing the objectives (Image via FIFA 23)
All the rewards that can be obtained from completing the objectives (Image via FIFA 23)

The reward for completing the easy challenge is a Gold Pack. Considering that gamers will be exchanging lower-quality cards for it means that this is a good deal. Those looking to make a profit may also sell their gold cards right away, and if gamers are lucky, they'll be able to get good rewards from the challenge in no time.

But that's not all, as the Daily Login Upgrade SBC is also connected to a FIFA 23 objective that will gradually reward players for completing the challenge on a daily basis.

Finishing it for the first time grants gamers two Rare Gold Player Packs. If the challenge is completed successfully in consecutive days, the same pack will be awarded to gamers the third and sixth times. Completing the SBC six times is also going to give them an 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack.

All rewards for completing the Daily Login SBC

This is the total number of rewards players will obtain for completing the Daily Login Upgrade SBC every day for a total of six days:

  • 6x Gold Player Pack
  • 3x Two Rare Gold Player Pack
  • 1x 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack (Untradeable)

This is a pretty nice deal for any FIFA 23 player looking for an easy way to gain packs. They just need to remember to complete the Daily Login SBC for the next few days.