FIFA 23 Moise Kean Serie A POTM SBC - How to complete, estimated costs, and more

EA releases Serie A POTM SBC for November (Image via EA SPORTS FIFA Italia/YouTube)
EA releases Serie A POTM SBC for November (Image via EA SPORTS FIFA Italia/YouTube)

As another month nears its end, Serie A has a new player of the month as EA Sports released Moise Kean's Serie A POTM SBC in FIFA 23. The Squad Building Challenge offers fans a chance to obtain a unique and upgraded card to bolster their FUT squad.

The POTM cards for FIFA games are decided through a fan poll on EA's official website on a monthly basis, and the Italian striker from Juventus took home the award in November, having scored three goals in the two matches that he played last month.


If players want to get their hands on the special Moise Kean card, they will need to complete a relatively simple single-task challenge. Here's a quick and easy guide to completing the SBC as optimally as possible with a short cost analysis for fans to decide whether it is worth their effort.

Moise Kean's upgraded POTM card may be obtained by completing the dedicated SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The requirements for the Moise Kean POTM SBC are fairly tame compared to, say, the Rafael Leao POTM challenge last month when he won the same award. Instead of building three separate squads, players only need to build one moderately high-rated team containing at least one Serie A player, with a few more caveats, to meet the requirements.

The requirements

  • Players from Serie A in the squad: Minimum of 1
  • Players in the squad with an Overall rating of 86: Minimum of 1
  • Players in the squad with an Overall rating of 87: Minimum of 1
  • Squad Rating requirement: Minimum of 84
  • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11

Rewards: 1x Serie A 87-rated Moise Kean POTM Card (Untradeable)

Estimated Cost: 32,500 - 34,500

Duration: 1 month



With a substantial boost to his overall stats, especially his passing, pace, shooting, and dribbling, Kean is set to become quite an impressive striker for any FIFA 23 team. The Juventus center-forward had to defeat fellow Serie A players — including Bonaventura, Zielinksi, and more — to win the POTM award for November.

The cost of building a squad that meets all the requirements of the SBC from scratch is somewhere around 33,000 FUT coins as per the current transfer market rates, but the use of some high-value fodders can easily mitigate the price.

Even the more casual players will face barely any difficulty in completing the challenge because of its relatively simple instructions. While 87 and 86-rated cards will be very expensive to exchange, both requirements nicely complement the 84-rated squad rating requirement.

Furthermore, there are no chemistry requirements for the SBC. This means players are free to use any and all cards from their FIFA 23 roster and/or the transfer market that match the requirements without the need to check clubs, leagues or nationalities. This is as long as the squad has at least one Serie A player.


The Moise Kean POTM card is a pretty nice addition to any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squad due to its significant boosts. With an overall rating of 87, it is slightly better than his TOTW 9 IF Upgrade. It comes with a high pace stat of 92 and a 10-rating boost to both his shooting and dribbling, which stand at 86 and 87, respectively.

Despite getting a 12-point increase in passing, it's still quite low at 62, but Kean more than makes up for it with a 4-star weak foot and skill ratings. All in all, quite a good package for a 22-year-old ST card in the current FIFA 23 Meta.

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