FIFA 23 Season 7 Rewards: End date, all level rewards, and more

Season 7 is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
Season 7 is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports has revealed the latest Season 7 rewards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with exciting players like Shapeshifters Toni Kroos and Trophy Titans Del Piero up for grabs over the next 42 days. Not only do these reward tiers provide gamers with an incentive to grind the game until the end of the season, but they also herald the arrival of Shapeshifters as an upcoming event.

Team of the Season has been a massive success in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and a large part of its popularity can be attributed to TOTS Season Swaps. Spanning the course of the entire event, this seasonal reward system allowed gamers to grind for some extremely enticing players and packs. Season 7 offers more of the same, especially with players like Toni Kroos and Del Piero being part of the lineup.

FIFA 23 Season 7 offers fans the chance to unlock special versions of Toni Kroos and Alessandro Del Piero

With Team of the Season coming to an end and TOTS Season Swaps expiring, gamers have an all-new set of rewards to grind for in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This is the seventh season of the game cycle, and it could potentially be the conclusive set before the arrival of EA Sports FC in the summer.


Similar to its predecessors, Season 7 offers a blend of players and pack-based rewards. However, as the title of the season suggests, it also introduces Shapeshifters players into the mix, including Toni Kroos and Thiago Silva.

FIFA 23 Season 7 will end in 42 days on July 20, giving gamers plenty of time to unlock these players before the arrival of EA Sports FC, which is expected to will mark a new era in the world of football simulation games.

What are the rewards on offer in FIFA 23 Season 7?


These are the various reward tiers of the latest Season in FIFA 23:

  • Level 1: Multicolor Stadium theme
  • Level 2: 75+ Rare Gold players pack
  • Level 3: One Team Badge
  • Level 4: 83+ Double Player Pack
  • Level 5: TOTS player pack/ Five 84+ players pack
  • Level 6: One Team Tifo
  • Level 7: 83+ Rare Gold players pack
  • Level 8: One Team - Black and Blue tifo
  • Level 9: Three 83+ players pack
  • Level 10: Shapeshifters Thiago Silva/ 85 x 10 players pack
  • Level 11: One Team-Blend Badge
  • Level 12: 81+ Two players pack
  • Level 13: One Team- Blue and Red Tifo
  • Level 14: 86+ Two Players pack
  • Level 15: Seven 84+ players pack/ Shapeshifters pack
  • Level 16: One Team- Blend Tifo
  • Level 17: 85+ two players pack
  • Level 18: One Team- Blue and Red badge
  • Level 19: 84+ Rare Gold player pack
  • Level 20: Fantasy FUT Heroes Park Ji Sung/ Twenty Five 84+ players pack
  • Level 21: One Team- Multicolor 1 Tifo
  • Level 22: 81+ Two rare gold players pack
  • Level 23: One Team- Multicolor 2 Tifo
  • Level 24: 86+ Two Players pack
  • Level 25: Five 85+ Players pack
  • Level 26: One Team - Multicolor
  • Level 27: 81+ Two Rare Gold Players
  • Level 28: Ten 82+ Rated Rare players
  • Level 29: One Team- Multicolor 3 tifo
  • Level 30: Shapeshifters Toni Kroos/ Thirty 84+ players pack
  • Level 31: 85+ Two players pack
  • Level 32: 83+ rare gold players pack
  • Level 33: One Team- Gold Tifo
  • Level 34: 1 of 3 85+ rare gold players PP
  • Level 35: 85 x 10 players pack/ Special player pick
  • Level 36: Multicolor animated tifo
  • Level 37: Three 84+ players pack
  • Level 38: Five 85+ players pack
  • Level 39: 86+ two players pack
  • Level 40: Trophy Titans Del Piero/ Twenty five 85+ players pack/ 1 of 4 90+ Prime/TOTY/FBDay/TT Icon PP

These tiers can be unlocked by obtaining XP through objectives. With Award Winners beginning on Friday, gamers have plenty of opportunities to do so and make progress in FIFA 23 Season 7.

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