FIFA 23 Teamwork SBC: How to complete, expected cost, and more

The latest Daily SBC, "Teamwork" is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
The latest Daily SBC, "Teamwork" is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team’s most recent daily Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is live and features some of the finest rewards. The SBC is named "Teamwork", a term frequently used to describe unified football teams that exhibit high levels of chemistry.

The Squad Building Challenge can be highly profitable for FIFA 23 players who want to acquire a Fantasy FUT card because of the Fantasy FUT promo, which allows players to obtain one unique card from the series as well.

This is a suitable moniker for one of the most alluring SBCs ever, given how heavily the current promo emphasizes actual football games.

With the help of the Fantasy FUT promotion, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team can now incorporate the outcomes of real-world football matches in a new and exciting way.

Based on the effectiveness of the squad as a whole and the contributions of individual players, these special cards are upgraded. Players will be anxious to open as many packs as possible because there are so many powerful and fascinating cards available.

The Teamwork SBC is live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

A reoccurring motif in FUT has been daily SBCs. Every FUT promotion must include these tasks in order to give gamers new material each day.

This not only helps EA Sports keep players interested, but it also provides alluring packs that give them access to sought-after special cards in FUT.

How to complete FIFA 23 Teamwork SBC in FUT


To be eligible for the rewards, the challenge requires the submission of a single squad. As per FIFA's Teamwork SBC requirements, the following conditions are listed:

  • Nationalities: Min 4
  • Same League Count: Min 5
  • Same Club Count: Max 4
  • Gold Players: Min 8
  • Rare: Min 4
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 24
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

The expected overall cost to complete the SBC is around 6,100 FUT coins. The reward for completing the SBC is an untradeable Premium Gold Pack that contains 12 gold cards, 3 rares, with a guaranteed 80+ OVR Rare card.

Players need to hustle with this since the challenge is about to expire as early as March 11.

Is it worth completing FIFA 23 Teamwork Man SBC?

The Squad Building Challenge's group reward is a Premium Gold Pack, which the FUT Store values at 25,000 coins. Despite the pack's lack of tradeability, it is still a steal when compared to the price of passing the SBC.

One of the most sought-after Fantasy FUT cards, which will be a fantastic addition to any squad owing to their dynamic nature, might even be won by the fortunate players from this pack. These cards are a valuable asset for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team as they may improve over time.

Although the recently-concluded FUT Champions Weekend League offers top-notch awards, the majority of FUT veterans already have untradeable fodder in their FUT clubs to finish the SBC on low charges. Due to this, Teamwork SBC has become an even more alluring idea.

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