FIFA 23 Ultimate Team 83+ player pick SBC: How to complete, expected costs, and more

EA have released an 83+ player pick in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
EA have released an 83+ player pick in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports have released a brand new non-repeatable 83+ player pick SBC in FIFA 23, with requirements that match the quality of the rewards. It has been an eventful day in the world of football, with the World Cup in full swing, and EA Sports have replicated the hype in Ultimate Team by releasing some exciting SBCs.

The duration for which Path to Glory Team 2 is available in packs was recently extended by 24 hours, allowing fans to try their luck at obtaining these coveted items for a longer period of time.

This adds to the excitement surrounding the release of the 83+ player pick SBC, as the pick offers three selections, all rated 83 or higher in-game.

The 83+ player pick is live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

EA Sports have done a decent job of keeping fans occupied in FIFA 23 with several gameplay and menu-based objectives and SBCs, including the incredible World Cup Swaps.

However, the primary attraction of FUT has always been packs, and there are currently three separate batches of special cards available in FIFA 23, including Team of the Week 9, Path to Glory, and World Cup Heroes.


While Path to Glory and World Cup Heroes steal the spotlight with their impressive attributes and unique nature, Team of the Week 9 offers an amazing selection of cards as well.

This is especially the case, as it is the final squad before TOTW is temporarily discontinued for the duration of the World Cup. All these inclusions make the 83+ player pick a rather enticing proposition for FUT enthusiasts.

How to complete the 83+ player pick SBC in FIFA 23?

The 83+ player pick requires a single squad to complete, but the requirements are more challenging than one would expect. These are the specific stipulations that must be fulfilled to complete the challenge:

  • Players with 84 OVR or higher in starting 11: Minimum two
  • Squad rating: Minimum 83
  • Players in the squad: Exactly 11

The SBC has an expected cost of around 15,000 FUT coins at the current price of fodder cards in the FUT transfer market and offers a pick between three players rated 83 or higher in FIFA 23.

Is it worth completing the 83+ player pick SBC?

After a brief spell of lackluster content in Ultimate Team, EA are back to their best in the last few days, releasing a host of pack-based and player SBCs. These are exciting times for FUT enthusiasts, as the World Cup festivities are in full swing on the virtual pitch.

Not only do gamers have plenty of objectives to grind over the course of the next month, but there will also be several World Cup-themed promos as well.


With FIFA 23 packs consisting of a wide gallery of special items, pack-based SBCs are always tempting. While the price of the 83+ player pick SBC is rather steep, the possibility of obtaining one of the elusive World Cup Heroes or Path to Glory cards makes it a worthwhile venture.

Fans can also save the player pick and open it when the next promo is released in FUT to try and pack one of the newer cards.

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