FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC - How to complete, estimated cost, and more

Is the Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC worth it ? (Image via EA Sports)
Is the Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC worth it ? (Image via EA Sports)

As part of its 6 PM content, EA has recently released the Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Essentially giving players a Squad Building Challenge that, upon completion, guarantees a Team of the Season card from the Portuguese league roster released a couple of days ago. With the football season drawing to an end, the Team of the Season-themed content has been the mainstay in FIFA 23 for the past few weeks, with EA releasing rosters featuring different leagues from around the world.

The highly-rated cards are quite lucrative to players as they provide the much-needed stats for the late-game FUT season.

That said, this article is a short guide to the Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC with some analysis at the end to help players determine whether the Squad Building Challenge is worth their time.

EA has added Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The TOTS promo was one of the most anticipated series as it's known to add some highly overpowered cards to the game. The Team of the Season cards, as the name implies, feature some of the best players from this season and therefore release with stat boosts across the board. This makes them quite a lot more desirable than their base versions.

The Liga Portugal Team of the Season roster for the promo was no different, featuring big names who played exceptionally well this season, such as the 94-rated Goncalves card from Sporting and a 93-rated Taremi card leading the pack. By completing the Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC within the next four days, FIFA 23 players could pack any of the unique cards from the roster.

Requirements and estimated cost for the Liga Portugal TOTS Upgrade SBC

  • Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11
  • Squad rating: Minimum of 84

Estimated Cost: 30,000 to 35,000 FUT Coins across all platforms

Reward: x1 Liga Portugal TOTS Pack (Untradeable)

Is the SBC worth it?


The Squad Building Challenge in itself is quite simple and has only one squad rating restriction, meaning FIFA 23 players looking to attempt it would not need to worry about pesky chemistry requirements. The fodder cost for completing it is approximately around the 30K mark but may fluctuate drastically in the coming days due to the volatile transfer market.

The reward for completing the challenge is, of course, a random Liga Portugal TOTS card. While some dedicated challenges can be attempted for specific players, the only way to obtain the others, such as Goncalves, Otamendi, and Tameri, is either to complete SBCs like this or buy them directly from the market, increasing the cost.

While there is a chance the reward may not match the expectations, those who are specifically aiming for a player from Liga Portugal and have fooder to spare may attempt it. However, the chances of getting good rewards are not that great.

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