FIFA 23 Ultimate Team OTW Richarlison objective: How to complete, tips and tricks, and more

OTW Richarlison has been released as an objective in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports and Getty Images)
OTW Richarlison has been released as an objective in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports and Getty Images)

The FIFA 23 game cycle has begun with the Ones to Watch (OTW) promo, with OTW Richarlison as the first objective-based promo card. With EA Sports latest title now available to all audiences, fans will be eager to unlock the Brazilian striker and include him in their squads.

The Ones to Watch squad consists of some big names that were transferred to new clubs in the summer, like Robert Lewandowski, Sadio Mane, and Paulo Dybala. EA Sports has also updated the upgrade pattern for OTW cards compared to last year.

The Wins to Watch stipulation now requires teams to win three out of their next five league games to earn a one-time inform upgrade for their the OTW card.

For players who have qualified for the World Cup with their national side, winning a single game in the tournament will also secure an upgrade. This will make OTW Richarlison an extremely desirable card as he is bound to receive at least two upgrades soon.

OTW Richarlison has been released in FIFA 23 to celebrate his move to Spurs

Richarlison has been a meta player in FUT for the last three years. With his four-star skill moves, five-star weak foot, precise dribbling, and lethal shooting stats, the striker will be a valuable addition to any squad in FIFA 23.

The OTW Richarlison objective will be active in FUT for the next seven days, and here is how players can get their hands on this special card.

How to unlock OTW Richarlison in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?


Gamers will need to play in a special Live FUT Friendlies mode called FUT Friendly: Continental Links to unlock OTW Richarlison. There are four stipulations that they must fulfill in order to complete the overall objective group:

  • Steady Finisher: Score using Premier League players in 12 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links.
  • Welcome To North London: Assist two goals with crosses using Premier League players in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental links.
  • Finesse Masterclass: Score five finesse goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links.
  • Winners Cirlcle: Win six matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links.

The Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links is available in the Online Friendlies section in FUT. Here are the squad requirements needed to participate in this mode:

  • Premier League players: Minimum three in starting 11
  • Loan players: Maximum one

Tips to complete OTW Richarlison quickly

As the objective stipulations and the squad requirements for the Live FUT Friendly mode suggest, Premier League players are highly required to complete this objective group.

Fans will be best off using a full squad of Premier League players instead of meeting the minimum requirements of three. This is because they can score and assist with any footballer on the pitch without having to force the ball to specific teammates.


To complete the crossing objective efficiently, it is crucial to have wingers with good crossing and long passing stats, as well as a tall striker with good heading accuracy.

A 4-2-3-1 formation might be ideal for this task, as the wide attacking midfielders can act as wingers to provide crosses, but can also drop into the midfield to help with the finesse shot objective.

However, possibly the most efficient method to complete this objective and unlock Richarlison in FIFA 23 will be to search for a match at the same time as a friend and give each other wins till both complete the objective.

With cross-play being introduced in FIFA 23, this will be possible even if your friends are on a different console but are on the same version of the game.