FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Road to the Finals (RTTF) Outstanding SBC: How to complete, expected costs, and more

FIFA 23 Outstanding SBC Explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
FIFA 23 Outstanding SBC Explained (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the Road to the Finals promo livening up FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA has released the Outstanding SBC as a commemorative Squad Building Challenge for Real Madrid's win over Liverpool in the last UEFA Champions League.

Challenges and objectives based around the RTTF promo have flooded FUT, allowing players to pack unique cards that have the potential to upgrade further based on their team's performance in the knockout stages of the ongoing European championships. Be it the Champions League, the Europa League, or the Conference Cup.

FIFA 23 players looking to pack a Road to the Finals card would do well to open as many packs within the timespan of the promo. Here's a quick guide to completing the Outstanding SBC with tips and tricks to do it optimally.

The Outstanding SBC is the latest daily RTTF Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 23

This is the second card series based on the various international championships from Europe after the RTTK cards that were released earlier in FIFA 23's life cycle. The upgrade path of the RTTF cards, as explained in detail here, ties in real-life outcomes with in-game boosts, giving the players a sense of connection to real-world tournaments.

Fans will no doubt remember Real Madrid's successful Champions League campaign last season, which came to its triumphant crescendo when they bested Liverpool in the finals, with Vinicius Junior scoring the only goal of the match.

The two giants will clash again, this time in Round 16, and the Outstanding SBC is the latest daily Squad Buiding Challenge to commemorate their previous matchup.

How to complete the Outstanding SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

To complete the challenge, players need to adhere to these requirements while building the squad:

  • Number of players in the squad: 11
  • Number of rare players: Exactly 11
  • Players from the same club in the squad: Maximum of 2
  • Player quality in the squad: Exactly gold
  • Players from the same nationality in the squad: Minimum of 5
  • Leagues represented in the squad: Minimum of 4
  • Total Chemistry points: Minimum of 24

Rewards: 1x Eight Premier League Players Pack (Untradeable)

Estimated Cost: 7,000 - 8,000 FUT Coins across platforms

SBC Analysis


The relatively long list of requirements to complete the Outstanding Squad Building Challenge may look intimidating, but regular FIFA 23 players will notice that the cost of fodder is not that much. The low cost makes the challenge ideal for a daily challenge, providing yet another pack that has the potential to yield an RTTF card.

The non-repeatable SBC will be available for two more days, so FUT enthusiasts may choose to wait a day or two to see if the market price drops. Alternatively, using pre-existing fodder from their clubs is a viable strategy to mitigate the challenge's price.

Making a rare, gold squad with 24 chemistry points is still not a mean feat, but some other requirements on the list, particularly one which states that the squad must have five players of the same nationality, go a long way in helping satisfy all the rules.

As for the rewards, completing the challenge will yield a pack of eight Premier League cards, which is great for those looking for links from the popular league. Also, with the Road to the Finals promo active in FUT, there is always a chance that the pack may contain an especially boosted RTTF card.