FIFA 23 World Cup Tournament mode: All confirmed features, teams, and more

The World Cup mode is coming to FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
The World Cup mode is coming to FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

The 2022 FIFA Men's World Cup is almost upon us, and the event will be celebrated in FIFA 23 with a dedicated World Cup Mode, as confirmed by EA Sports. Historically, the developers have released separate game modes to commemorate the tournament, and FIFA 23 will feature more of the same.


The World Cup mode was accidentally made accessible for PlayStation users in early October, with fans being able to witness several key features available in-game. However, with their latest Deep Dive trailer, EA Sports have released more information than ever about the upcoming tournament mode.

The World Cup mode will be an exciting addition to FIFA 23

Contrary to previous iterations of the game that were set during the World Cup years, FIFA 23 will not have a standalone World Cup mode for Ultimate Team. However, fans still have tons of content to look forward to, as EA Sports have confirmed that gamers will have plenty to do in the game to celebrate the momentous event in the form of offline and online tournament modes.


EA Sports will release the World Cup mode on November 9 and introduce themed content across various aspects of FIFA 23. While there will be offline tournament modes that offer a classic World Cup experience, the focus will be on Ultimate Team as usual, with multiple World Cup-themed promos.

Which teams will be available in the World Cup mode in FIFA 23?

The game mode will include all 32 qualified nations participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. However, the developers also informed fans that they would be able to pick from an additional 15 substitute teams, altering the overall experience by including teams from non-qualified nations.

What game modes will be available in the World Cup mode?

EA Sports provided details regarding several new and exciting features that will be included in the upcoming DLC. Not only will gamers be able to experience the World Cup through classic old-school offline and online tournament modes, but FIFA 23 will also deliver them the option to play out live fixtures from the real world in-game.

These are the game modes included in the World Cup extension:

  • FIFA World Cup Live: In this mode, fans will be able to relive, recreate or change the outcome of real-life World Cup fixtures that have either already happened or are scheduled to occur in the future. Gamers can play against AI-controlled opponents or take on their friends in this exciting new addition.
  • FIFA World Cup Kickoff: This is the classic offline PvE or PvP game mode that allows fans to play against the AI or a friend in a local offline game by picking from the pool of available National teams.
  • Tournaments: This feature includes gamers taking on AI-controlled opponents after selecting a national team and embarking on their journey to win the World Cup. They can also customize the participating teams and groups to create the experience of their choosing.
  • Online Tournament: This is the online version of the regular tournament, where gamers can take on online opponents in a tourney-style experience.

How will the World Cup affect FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Although there won't be a separate extension for the World Cup in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the tournament experience will be integrated directly into the current FUT game cycle.

The FUT campaign begins on November 11 with live World Cup players and FUT World Cup Heroes. It will go on until December 23. FUT enthusiasts will be able to upgrade their current squad with a host of World Cup-themed cards, including special upgraded versions of players from qualified nations.


The upcoming season of FUT will also consist of several World Cup-themed promos, with special cards, SBCs, and objectives released in-game to mimic and celebrate the ongoing tournament.

FUT Heroes and Icon cards will also receive unique World Cup versions, with FUT World Cup Hero items having special illustrations in collaboration with Marvel comics. Altogether, the upcoming tournament promises a plethora of content in FUT, and fans will be eager to experience the event on the virtual pitch.

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