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Fortnite: 5 emotes that comes with a secret feature

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}
Modified 24 Mar 2021

While Fortnite Season brings new emotes with it, Fortnite players have been emoting on the battlefield for years.

From the classic emote called "Dance Moves" to the new "Amazing Cube" emote, Epic Games' one-of-a-kind exclamation gives players a unique way to communicate in-game.

5 Fortnite emotes with secret features

Some Fortnite emotes feature special item interactions or come exclusively with specific skins. Here are 5 special Fortnite emotes from various Chapters and Seasons that have become fan favorites.

#1 - Fortnite Season 6 Isabelle's "Extracurricularmor" Emote

Fortnite Season 6 recently released the magical Isabelle skin, equipped with the Book of Spells Back Bling and built-in "Extracurricularmor" emote.

Loopers lucky enough to land this skin and all that comes with it, previously available in the item shop, will see the emote transition Isabelle into her witchy variant in-game. The YouTube video above from Benthehtiman32 illustrates this emote in action.

#2 - The "Burst Case Scenario" Emote


Released in Chapter 2 Season 5, the "Alien versus Predator" influenced emote titled "Burst Case Scenario" features a staple Fortnite Llama bursting from any skin's chest. Popularly, this emote is used by loopers after a successful elimination.

The video above, provided by Arn1ko on Youtube, illustrates the emote being used by several skin variants. Among them is the Predator, who partially inspired the design.

#3 - The "Lil' Warthog" Emote


Released in December of 2020, the Gaming Legends Series "Lil' Warthog" emote allows players to ride around in a small vehicle. This emote was initially part of the Master Chief set, however Fortnite players enjoy using the emote with various skins.

#4 - Fortnite "Go Cat Go" Emote

The Epic "Go Cat Go" Fortnite emote was released last June. Players who earned this emote by completing 60 battle pass levels are exclusively able to use it with the Kit outfit.

For some time, players were able to use this emote with other characters as a glitch, however it often led to a malfunction. The video above, also from Arn1ko, shows Kit using this emote in action as it is meant to be.

#5 - The "Jumbo Popcorn" Emote


Similar to the "Burst Case Scenario" emote, the "Jumbo Popcorn" emote was launched in Chapter 2 Season 5. Just before the launch of Chapter 2 Season 6, Fortnite players had the opportunity to snag this emote from the item shop, as illustrated in the tweet above. Allowing players to express their entertainment via sarcastically eating popcorn, this emote is quite popular.

Fortnite emotes have become a staple of the game. They portray various emotions via dancing, item interaction, and more. These emotes, available via battle pass levels or V-Bucks in the item shop, are collected by many loopers. Fortnite players should expect the continuous release of exciting emotes.

Published 24 Mar 2021, 01:59 IST
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