Fortnite creative director hints towards the return of "The Seven" in a cryptic tweet

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(Image via Sportskeeda)
Dipanjan Dey

Donald Mustard, creative director at Epic Games, has a subtle way of notifying Fortnite gamers about recent changes on Twitter. He usually uses cryptic messages to deliver news.

One of Mustard's latest tweets has arrested the Fortnite community's attention because it refers to one of the most iconic groups in Fortnite. Naturally, the Fortnite community started making random assumptions about this Tweet.

The tweet was the number "7" and left the Fortnite community in a frenzy. Fans and gamers flocked to comment on the post with their own theories about the Seven coming to Fortnite this season.

Donald Mustard's ominous "7" tweet hints at the imminent arrival of the Seven in Fortnite

Donald Mustard recently attended the Super Bowl 2021, and the tweet might likely be about that. Tom Brady rewrote history after he won his 7th Super Bowl ring.

The tweet from Epic's creative director might be in honor of Tom Brady, but it has not stopped the Fortnite community from speculating about the Seven's arrival.

Most Twitter users pointed out that the Seven might come to Fortnite based on the trailer before Season 5.

The current narrative design for Fortnite involves multiple hunters from popular culture. From Snake Eyes to Darryl Dixon, Epic has featured a range of cultural icons in Season 5.

Considering that the trailer for Season 5 featured an ominous warning about the Seven, some fans are claiming that this tweet is a welcome to another group member.

The Seven is a group focused on destabilizing the Imagined Order and the simulation loop inside Fortnite. Currently, Agent Jonesy is in control of a device that allows him to travel through the multiverse and back to the original realm.

The most obvious narrative progression from here would rotate around this multiverse device. According to some Fortnite narrative experts, Agent Jonesy will lose the device, and the fourth member of the Seven will be introduced at the end of Season 5.

The Seven will likely visit Fortnite Island in Chapter 2 Season 5 for various reasons.

Firstly, the Zero Point has been exposed, which is an opportune moment for the Seven to strike. Their mission to take over the simulation might be successful since the Zero Point allows players to travel from different dimensions.

The device that Agent Jonesy carries seems to be a gateway for multiple dimensions. This is another tool the Seven must want in their arsenal.

The current Fortnite map might change once again during the end season event. Since Fortnite lore is heavily affected by map changes, it is plausible to expect new POIs to arrive in Season 6.

There is ultimately still no conclusive evidence about these theories.

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