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Fortnite Escape Room codes: List of latest room codes in April 2021

Fortnite Escape Rooms offer a unique challenge to players ( Image via Epic Games )
Fortnite Escape Rooms offer a unique challenge to players ( Image via Epic Games )
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 05 Apr 2021

Fortnite Escape Rooms are maps that can be found in Fortnite Creative. As the name suggests, the primary objective for players on this map is to escape. These escape rooms grant players the necessary breath of fresh air when the regular battle royale mode gets monotonous.

Creative mode in Fortnite allows users to go crazy with their own map designs. This mode allows players to create their own maps, which others can explore, provided they have the codes for it.

This article lists a few Fortnite Escape Room codes for April 2021.

List of the latest Fortnite Escape Room codes

#1 Escape Game - The Last Maze (Choupala)

Code: 7807-0098-3064

The Fortnite Escape Room is based on the Labyrinth of Maze Runner. The movie gained a cult following, thanks to its entire plotline. The labyrinth itself forms a nice example of a maze in Fortnite. Players need to upgrade their gear and high tail out of this maze by solving puzzles to survive.

#2 Calculated Trajectory - Part One ( Roleoander )


Code: 6671-4819-0781

This map welcomes everyone to the Perpetual Innovation Facility. Based on Portal, this map equips players with a harpoon gun. Using the harpoon gun, players need to traverse through the obstacle-filled path.

#3 Caulrophobia ( Sundaycw )

Code: 2655-9116-5877

Players who are afraid of clowns should stay away from this Fortnite Escape Room. This room revolves around the idea of players trying to escape a big scary clown. This is a two-player co-op map. Players need to work together to get off this map.

#4 Winter Escape Room 2 ( 2xvoid )

Code: 6342-4609-2747

Winter is over, but winter-themed rooms are here to stay. The Fortnite Escape Room has six different levels to work their way through. This is a fun map and is best enjoyed with friends who like solving puzzles together.

#5 107 IQ Escape Map ( Ray-a-raj )

Code: 6696-8923-1647


The Fortnite Escape Room map is a real challenge. Once players have loaded into the map, they're greeted with a dialogue by a computer that says that they need to board a train that never stops and ride it to a station where no train goes.

The Fortnite Escape Room is as real as it gets. The players need to put on their thinking caps and analyze carefully to make it out of this room.

Published 05 Apr 2021, 14:37 IST
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