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Fortnite: Marvel confirms all stories in game are canon

(Image Credit: @itsarkheops)
(Image Credit: @itsarkheops)
Modified 30 Aug 2020, 22:00 IST

During a recent interview with Mark Basso, an editor for Marvel Comics, Basso confirmed that everything currently happening in Fortnite Season 4 is completely canonical to the Marvel Comics universe. The story, for those interested in following along, starts in a recent arc following Thor and Galactus that inadvertently takes a sudden turn when Thor takes everyone to the Fortnite Island.

Fortnite and Marvel, how important is canon anyway?

Comics are weird in all the ways you want them to be. With arcs and stories that stretch back decades, there’s bound to be a lot of interesting stories that tie into events much later. Of course, this only matters if the stories in question are considered part of the overall canon, which is why Mark Basso’s recent interview is so intriguing.

Imagine, for a moment, the absurdity of reading a story about Marvel’s Thor that involves his arrival on an island where Aquaman, a cat in a mech suit, and a sentient banana fight endlessly while rapidly constructing castles at each other and outrunning a lethal storm that closes in on them.

Now imagine that this absurdity is completely serious, that Thor must, for some reason, participate in this bizarre ritual in order to achieve his own goals, in this case fighting off Galactus the Devourer of Worlds.

But incorporating Fortnite into the Marvel canon will likely lead to some interesting, and not quite so unforeseen, consequences. In much the same way that now every new Marvel film has to explain why something can’t or won’t involve the Avengers, future Marvel comics will have to explain why a return or inclusion of Fortnite characters is not necessary or needed.

It also means that, if Fortnite and Marvel could come to some sort of agreement, we might even see someone from Fortnite make their way into the Marvel Comics mainstream universe.


Storytelling in Fortnite

Fortnite also presents certain narrative challenges to the writers at Marvel. Because Marvel’s stories are almost entirely told through passive mediums, either reading comics or watching a movie, they never need to worry that the “reader” will somehow read it incorrectly, or simply choose to do something else.

Fortnite has made some creative decisions for how to tell Marvel’s stories, usually by making them into challenges that incentivize and reward players for seeing what these Marvel characters are doing on the island.

So, if you want to read your own slice of Marvel’s latest story, then just jump onto Fortnite and check out the challenges.

Published 30 Aug 2020, 22:00 IST
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