Fortnite Patch Update 14.60 Notes: Galactus Event leaks, Captain Marvel Skin, Black Friday offer, and more

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Dipanjan Dey

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 - Season 4 has finally entered into the last phase of the Nexus War. Fortnite Patch Update v14.60 brings massive changes to the game.

With the Venom Cup's latest announcement as the last one in the Marvel Knockout Super Series, fans are looking forward to acquiring the Venom skin. Concurrently, the end of the Marvel Knockout Super Series marks the imminent arrival of Galactus.

Data miners and content creators stormed Twitter as soon as Epic Games dropped the Fortnite Patch Update v14.60. Several leaks have confirmed that Galactus is indeed here, but that is not all.

Captain Marvel will also join forces with the Avengers against Galactus during the event. At the same time, data miners have also discovered some strings related to the Black Friday offer in the game files.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 Galactus 'Devourer of Worlds' event is here

The highly anticipated event for the Nexus War is finally here, and according to several leaks, the event will be named 'The Devourer Of Worlds.' It is indeed a fitting title, considering the Avengers are going up against Galactus to protect reality in Fortnite.

The new Battle Bus design is another leak that surfaced, which was predicted a long time ago. Tony Stark has redesigned the Battle Bus to fight the upcoming war against Galactus.

However, the main attraction of this Fortnite patch update remains to be the end-season event. The fight against Galactus was building up to its crescendo over the past few updates. Now, it is finally here, but are the Avengers ready?

Thankfully, with the addition of Venom, players will have a better chance of defeating Galactus. Epic Games recently added Captain America in the Item Shop to ensure that the Avengers win the Nexus War 'together.'

The 3D design for Galactus was also leaked, and it resembled the blurry image players have reported seeing on Fortnite Island.

Data miners have also reported that there will be an achievement and a reward for participating in the LTM.

Captain Marvel is coming with the latest Fortnite Patch Update

In a few encrypted files, data miners have discovered the word 'Galaxy Queen.' Marvel fans were quick to suggest that this alludes to Captain Marvel. She was instrumental against Thanos. Perhaps, this time she will save Fortnite island.

The size of this particular Fortnite patch update is quite extensive compared to previous versions. Prominent data miner @Lucas7yoshi mentioned in his tweets that PC users would get a 2.34GB with a 1.3GB encrypted pack.

Similarly, the update size for PS5 is 2GB, Xbox is 3GB, and Nintendo Switch is 1.6GB. This is quite easily among the most significant Fortnite patch update of all time.

There is also a string for the Black Friday sale in the Fortnite patch update. Fans and players have been looking forward to the cosmetics that Epic Games will be adding this time.

Speaking of cosmetics, Epic Games also added various new bundles to the game, including the Venom skin set, emote, and the pickaxe. It seems like Epic Games is reaching out to their players with this Fortnite patch update.

Popular streamer NickEh30 and competitive player BenjyFishy will be featuring in two bundles as well in the latest Fortnite patch update.

Hopefully, Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 will have an ending that matches its reputation. In all fairness, this Marvel-themed Season has been a thrilling ride for fans and players alike.

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